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Welcome to our Healing Centre! 

Welcome to our Crystal store and Healing Centre! We are a spiritually based centre and mystery school located in the heart of Toronto. We specialize in crystals and minerals, books, decks and other products and to support your individual healing and interests. We offer many different types of drop in yoga and meditation classes, treatments and workshops which include Crystal Grid Treatments, Reiki Treatments, Intuitive Readings and Counselling to support your personal growth and journey on this Earth plane. We are also the home of the Crystal Awakenings Certification Program, Gendai Reiki Classes, Astrology Fundamentals Certification Workshop SeriesTarot Certification Courses  and we are the home of the Open Coven of TCOTM that honours the cycles of the Great Mother through the Wheel of the Year.

At The Rock Store, we follow the rhythms and flows of the Great Mother and journey around the wheel in communion with Her. We are devotes that surrender to Her mission and seek to merge deeper with her rhythms. Hope to see you soon!



Come Celebrate The Witches New Year at The Rock Store with a TAROT READING and enjoy our celebratory SALES and surprises! Book a discounted reading (30 mins) with either Jayne Marie or Andreja, at our discounted rate of $40 +  HST. Other surprises announced day of! Call us at 416 516 2191 to book. We have extended hours from 10 am - 8 pm. Happy Halloween Everyone! 


 OCT ALL INCLUSIVE YOGA LAUNCH PROMOTION   The Rock Store is very excited to bring you a new branch of our offerings! We welcome you to The Temple room, a space for devotional movement and practice.  The mission of The Rock Store is to follow the rhythms and flows of the Great Mother and offer a centre of devotion and service.  As such we are honoured to bring Her into embodiment in this new way. We have carefully curated a schedule of weekly classes that honour this mission and support you in opening and going deeper in your spiritual practice. See schedule here.  Promo is open to both new and returning students. We thank you so much for your support in September, in an effort help anchor these energies even more, we want to extend the promo again. Repurchase your monthly promo here. All inclusive for Oct 1st - 31st, 2017. Cost: $35 + HST

THE UNDERWORLD CRYSTAL GRID TREATMENTS OCT 5TH - NOV 4TH Here in the underworld, we meet our Other, our lessons, while in the sacred shadows that teach us, lure us into exploration, and that constantly beckon us to enter. Here we lie in the sacred grid of the Underworld, with our stuff, our shadows, our desires, with that which we lust, and that which we would devour.  We lie in the primal energies of the union that creates fertility. The union that would manifest above ground in the sacred rite of marriage at Beltane. It is the grid of passion, it is empowering, it is sexual, it is healing, it is protective, it is raw, instinctual, and it is the place most of us fear. Yet it is the most beautiful place..... The beginning. reiki and aromatherapy applied. FULL MOON to FULL MOON October 5th - November 4st, 2017
60/90 mins $105/$145 + HST


This intensive experiential course focuses primarily on cards II to X of the Minor Arcana. The symbolic, elemental, numerological, and energetic aspects of each card are examined, and the cards are applied to everyday situations. An overview of the Court Cards and the Major Arcana is also included. Certificate awarded upon Completion. Full Description Click Here. DATE: Starts Mondays, Oct 16th, 2017 7-9:30 PM  Cost: $525 + HST    Duration: 12 weeks 2.5 hours per class Teacher: Jayne Marie

ASTROLOGY FUNDAMENTALS CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP SERIES OCT 19TH  SPACE AVAILABLE This 12 week course enables the student to be introduced in depth to the language and study of Astrology through the thorough examination of their Natal Chart. This Series is taught through three, four week parts that build upon each other. A certificate is given upon completion of the 12 weeks. Sign up for the entire course or pay individually per four week course. Each part $160 + HST or 12 Week Certification Course: $440 + hst (save $40 + HST)
Part 1: Thursdays; Oct 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, 9th 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Part 2: Thursdays; Nov 16th, 23rd, 30th, Dec 7th  7:30 PM 9:30 PM
Part 3: Thursdays; Jan 11th, 18th, 25th, Feb 8th, 2018  7:30 PM 9:30 PM

This ritual night of spell work and incantations is a night to summon up the power and resolve in your life that not only shields you but moves you deeper into alignment with the strength that cuts through anything being sent at you. A perfect time for this type of ceremony before the finale harvest and death of Samhain, on Oct 31st. This ritual intends to set the year with a protective and strong force field and not only deflects but aligns with strength and will power. A Ritual during the waning moon on the binding and assertive day of Tuesday, the day of Mars, the best alignment for a ritual of this nature. Tuesday Oct 17th  8 PM - 10:30 PM Approx. Dresscode: ALL BLACK Ticket Cost: $70 + HST Lead by Lady Samantha Women Only 

When the veils are thinnest between worlds we journey to meet the Goddesses of the Underworld; Hecate Goddess of Darkness and Hel Goddess of Death. At this potent
 gateway we are gifted the opportunity to surrender and release what plagues us to our Great Mother.  Meditation, breath, movement and music will guide us as we dance into the underworld and cross into a new season. Reiki will be offered at the end of this dance ritual. Join Liz Diaz – Movement Facilitator and Ecstatic Dance DJ as she takes you on a transformative journey. No experience necessary. Dress comfortably, bring a water bottle, journal and sacred item for the altar. DATE: Saturday, Oct 28th, 2017  Time: 7:30-9:30 PM approximately Cost: $45 + HST Full pymt required for registration Women Only Your Guide: Liz Diaz

SAMHAIN OPEN COVEN RITUAL OCT 31ST 9 PM  3 SPACES LEFT Welcome to the Rite of Samhain and The Witches New Year, our favourite celebration of the Year for the open coven of TCOTM. In this night we celebrate the finale death and harvest within the Great Wheel. The veil thins this night and we, the women of the Wheel journey down into the ground to commune with the God, the God who sacrifices his life so that the Goddess may live through the winter. This is a ritual of deep release, of love between the God and Goddess in the underworld, the journey deep down into ourselves we must take to experience true honest connection, the shadows of ourselves exposed for release and healing, and the celebration of the lone path the Goddess will make towards Yule and the wisdom she will invite. Blessed Be to the ending and the beginning of all things. OCTOBER 31ST, 2017 9 PM Cost: $75 + HST Women only Lead by Lady Samantha of TCOTM



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