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Tarot Readings

Aristotle once said, “The soul thinks in images.” The Tarot--aka Tarot--is a series of images: a mystical, symbolic system, and a profound visual map of universal consciousness that allows us to communicate in a deeply meaningful manner with our higher self. We've all experienced our 'unconscious' mind working by means of symbols and images. Tarot can be thought of as the alphabet of the unconscious mindand understood as a visual expression of universal Jungian archetypes. It can offer insight into all aspects of our lives, especially the underlying drive, motive, and complexities. The images on the cards act as mirrors for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of consciousness. As a symbolic map, Tarot shows us the archetypal layers of consciousness that appear cross-culturally. The seventy-eight cards that comprise a Tarot deck therefore are a sacred text encoded in symbols and pictures.

The emphasis on Tarot is as a means for inner exploration, a means for self-analysis, and as a pathway for self-knowledge. It also provides a unique centerpiece for metaphysical themes that are most relevant to our life path and spiritual/soul growth. It offers us a direct link to the vast wisdom of the collective unconscious. Written by Jayne Marie

JAYNE MARIE has been reading Tarot professionally for over 15 years and has been successfully teaching Tarot for six years. 

Please note: Clients must be 19 years of age or older to book a reading and are required to sign a waiver. Please arrive a few minutes early to complete this form. 


Jayne Marie’s philosophy for tarot and numerology is based on the belief that every person holds the answers to questions that arise during their life journey. Tapping into your subconscious is achieved by Jayne Marie’ s ability to combine these practices with her intuitive gift. She receives the messages, lessons, and blessings from the universe that are just waiting to be released from your spirit.

Jayne has been reading tarot successfully for over 30 years and teaching the tarot certification classes successfully for 7 years. To View our Tarot Certification Program and tarot related courses, click here. 

Length of Session: 60 or 90 mins
Cost: $120 / $160  + HST
See below for payment option. 

Jayne Marie is currently available on ZOOM, PHONE and select IN PERSON sessions at our Toronto location. 

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Jayne will accommodate different time zones for online sessions. If you do not see a time here that works for you, email her at jaynemarie@therockstore.ca.


If you are interested in booking one of our readers for your private function whether in our Temple Room or in your home, please email rocks@therockstore.ca and supply the date, the number of hours and the the location for a quote.