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Our Store

Welcome to our Crystal Haven Healing Centre! We are a healing centre located in the heart of Toronto specializing in crystals and minerals, books and other products, treatments and services, and workshops and courses to support your individual healing, personal growth and journey of awareness in life.

Situated in Honest Eds Village, The Rock Store is in a three story old house that consists of 2 treatment rooms, 2 workshop rooms and a retail store to house all our crystal friends.



We offer a variety of minerals from around the Earth. We try our best to choose each stone energetically to become a part of our crystal community and find its suited partner. Our specimens range from small exquisite unique pieces and tumbles to large specimens and geodes. We specialize in rare stones and take customer requests to optimize meditation and healing needs.

The store offers a variety of other products to support your needs. These include but are not limited to books and cds, incense and ceremonial herbs, ritual offerings and accessories, meditation cushions, yoga props and intention candles.

Our online store is a small fraction of our current offerings in store. We are working to increase the amount of product offering online.

We look forward to seeing you soon!