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A picture of a tarot card 6 of cupsINTRO TO TAROT ONLINE WORKSHOP SEPT 21ST 
Tarot is old. Very old. It symbolizes the Journey of The Hero, from his humble beginnings to the full realization of his power and potential. Tarot can help you get a jump start when you become stalled on your life’s journey, provide insight and information, and guide you to remove blockages that impede your happiness and fulfillment. This intensive hands-on class focuses primarily on how the Tarot works… and how to make it work. Numerology, symbolism, and the elements will be explained, and a reading will be given to each participant.  See policies on tarot courses and more info by clicking on the link. Thursday, Sept 21st, 2023  7-9 PM  EST ZOOM
Cost: $70 + HST  CDN  Teacher: Jayne Marie

In this 10 week intensive we will go deeper into the study of planetary aspects, transits, asteroids, and introduce progressions. This class invites the student to thoroughly dive into their own chart, examine how planets relate to one another through aspect, in the natal chart and through the transits in the sky. Examining aspects and transit analysis gives us an indication of the level of intensity of experience in our life, the challenges and growth opportunities and the choices we can make. Class Start Date: Thursdays, September 28th, 2023 7-9 PM ONLINE Class is 10 weeks in total. The classes run 2x/month. Discount avail: 5% for Moons of Avalon Members

Have you ever wondered what your Sun signmoon sign and rising sign are; what it means to have Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in the 7th house, and how they all interact together? This introduction to Astrology introduces the fundamental concepts of understanding the natal chart from the signsplanets and houses and how they interact together in a unique individual to map the life. These classes are interactive and  taught while using your own chart which gives you a detailed look into your own constitution.... and makes it so much more enjoyable!  Topics Include: The key components of the chart, significations of the Zodiac Signs,  Planets, and Houses, house rulerships, modalities and elements, primary constitution, sensitive chart points, angles and asteroids, Introduction to predictive astrology and nodal analysis. 
Starts OCT 17th, 2023 Click on Link for more info.