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A picture of a tarot card 6 of cupsINTRO TO TAROT ONLINE WORKSHOP SEPT 27TH
Tarot is old. Very old. It symbolizes the Journey of The Hero, from his humble beginnings to the full realization of his power and potential. Tarot can help you get a jump start when you become stalled on your life’s journey, provide insight and information, and guide you to remove blockages that impede your happiness and fulfillment. This intensive hands-on class focuses primarily on how the Tarot works… and how to make it work. Numerology, symbolism, and the elements will be explained, and a reading will be given to each participant.  See policies on tarot courses and more info by clicking on the link. Tuesday, September 27th, 2022  7 - 9 PM  EST ZOOM
Cost: $70 + HST  CDN  Teacher: Jayne Marie