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We are so excited to invite Liz back from Peru for this special offerings!
Our womb is the center of your feminine power, energy and creativity, it is a storehouse for energy, emotions and memories. Many of us lose connection with our womb energy due unresolved wounding and traumas. This creates blockages at the physical, emotional, energetic level. By consciously engaging in its cleansing, we are able to refill our womb with our own essence and vital life force energy. These 60 or 90 min session is designed to connect you with your womb energy and inner feminine guidance. Each session includes a reiki treatment, a guided womb meditation, breath work and the use of crystals specifically chosen to support your womb. You will also be given practices to take home to deepen your connection to your womb. 60/90 mins $100/$135 + HST with Liz Diaz Book W/TH/SUN

picture of Vanessa Benlolo giving a treatmentGENERATIONAL HEALING® SESSIONS IN PERSON 
We all carry trauma from our ancestors that remain unhealed and present in our DNA. Your DNA holds subtle energies of memories and experiences that your ancestors have lived. These continue to influence and impact how you experience your daily life, until you come forward to heal. I invite you to heal the trauma carried within your bloodline in support of you, your family, and the planet. Vanessa Benlolo is a Professionally Trained & Certified Generational Healer™, Generational Healing™ Teacher and Spiritual Guide. Vanessa Benlolo is also a Biological Engineer who has been interested in the effects and transference of trauma through the bloodline for decades. Reg Price: $165 + HST. With Vanessa Benlolo Available Sept 24th, 30th, Dec 3rd and 9th, 2023

Tasseography or tasseomancy is the art of reading tea leaves. Tea leaf reading is an ancient method of producing accurate answers and information about the future by interpreting the patterns of tea leaves in a cup. Luisa will provide you with a cup of herbal tea which after finished she will answer your question. The reading will include Tea Leaf Oracle cards. 
Dates Available: 
Monday, September 25th
Sessions run 30 mins - $55 + HST 60 mins $100 + HST
Feel free to book 2 back to back to take advantage of this great price. 
To book, sessions must be prepaid. 

Join us for the celebration of our favourite season and the entrance into the dark harvest of the year with special surprise SALES and MINI READINGS all weekend! Book a mini reading in person on either day! 
30 mins Iridology w/ Britany $50 + HST Available Saturday
30 mins Tarot w/ Jayne Marie $50 + HST Available Saturday 
30 mins Astrology w/ Laurelle $45 + HST Available Sunday
Book Online by clicking the link above to secure your spot! Feel free to book back to back spots to take advantage of the price.