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Goddess Rituals of the Great Wheel

 Celebrating the cycles of the Earth, the Moon and the Sabbats of the Great Wheel brings us deeper into resonance and union with The Lady, The Goddess, Great Mother, and MA; Her counterpart, the Lord and God, Father Sky, and Horned One Below; and our Divine consciousness and existence on this Earth plane with the abilities we share with all of creation. By acknowledging and ritualizing these sacred Rites at the turning points of the Great Wheel, we allow ourselves to merge with the Magic of the Great Mother and our interconnectedness of ALL that is within the Macrocosm. The Great Mother responds to our connection and invitation of communion with Joy. We co-create with Her in the continuous cycle of Birth, Nurture, Wisdom, Death and Rebirth. 

We have the ability to create and be in sacred balance with the energies of ALL, allowing our True and Authentic nature to shine through. We honour the Goddess and God, the Divine Elements, the Quarters, and the sacredness of our sisters sitting together in devotion to the Divine that exists within us and outside us. 


We are an open Coven for women only that honours the rhythms and flows of the Great Mother. Our patron Goddess is the Morrigan Goddess(es) that guides our lessons and mission. We meet on every sabbat and also on special ritual days that are astrologically timed. Our open coven has been in effect since 2009. Our mission is to honour the sisters, daughters, mothers, crones, maidens, and grandmothers in every woman and support the women of the wheel in their journey as women surrendering to their authentic self. The Open Coven follows a feminine - centred Dianic Wiccan tradition focussing on the 8 sabbats and how the archetypal Goddess and God live throughout our own lives. These rituals support women's biological cycles, healing, and support through all stages of life. 

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Lady Samantha's lineage is through the Runic Northern tradition of Witchcraft. She currently holds the designation of an initiated 3rd Degree High Priestess. She blends in these Sabbats her lineage with her love of craft study, astral magic, astrology and intuitive guidance from the Great Mother, MA, the Morrigan and the mission of the Open Coven of TCOTM. 


The opportunity to be initiated into the Closed Coven is by invite only after at 4 open coven ceremonies have been attended. We hold Esbat (moon ceremonies), and special closed coven nights throughout the year. There is a yearly initiation fee and a minimum of 4 yearly open coven ceremonies must still be attended to ensure position within the closed coven. There is limited space within the Closed Coven. 

 Lady Samantha TCOTM coven 

Blessed Be
 to the Rhythms, Flows, and Cycles of this experience as humble and grateful inhabitants and co-creators on this Earth, the supreme Nurturer, MA

It always works. It is always a blessing. Blessed Be.

With Love and an Open Heart,
Lady Samantha of TCOTM

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