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Extended through January 2020
Spirit Energy Cleanse ~ Limpias 💐🌿

In this beautiful personal treatment ceremony,  we call upon the plants to assists us in cleansing heavy energy from our spirit, our mind and our body. We ask the plants to help re-align us to clear the way in order to connect with our deeper selves.The limpia consists of connecting to the plants, taking in their aroma followed by an energetic sweeping and brushing of the body with the fresh flowers, plants and herbs. Traditionally this practice has been used in Central and South America to rid the soul of any blockages. Intentions will be set while taking in prayers and song, allowing the wisdom of the plants to integrate and clear. These sessions will be paired up with reiki. Sessions will be held with Shirley Pincay Bookings: Call 416 516 2191 or shirley@therockstore.ca Limited Spaces Available for December and January Only.  Cost: 90 mins $135 + HST

Every new year brings an influx of opportunity to shape our year in a good way, and 2020 brings extra cosmic support for those on the "soul path", that is people invested in their personal and professional growth. At the start of not just a new year, but new decade, we are offering a special 2020 Akashic Records promotion to support your healing and growth in 2020. 2020 is bringing a boost to our visioning capacity, and this special consultation will highlight the major themes of your soul's growth in 2020 and beyond, and can help you hone in on priorities and areas to focus on. Cost: 60 mins $95 + HST ( save $55 + HST) Sessions must be purchased in advance and take place in January. Questions: email andra@therockstore.ca The Akashic Records represent the energetic container of your soul's experience and lessons in life. Get your stirring questions addressed, and track your soul's journey and what's needed to bring more joy, purpose and harmony to your life.

Each of us carries stored memories from past generations that affect our well-being, health and happiness. Your ancestors are part of you long after they have passed on. Held in your physical body are densities that are epigenetically passed on from one generation to the next. The subtle energy that vibrates in your DNA holds memories of your ancestors pain or trauma once lived. The trauma that they experience is an energetic code that is inherited via the family lineage to you. What is now understood is that the trauma is carried throughout the lineage until one person is ready and available to heal and complete the cycle inherited for future generations. You can heal the cycle. You can choose to heal yourself, your ancestors, and the Earth. Vanessa Benlolo invites you to heal the trauma still stored in your generational lineage in order to assist humanity and our Earth, so we can move into the next evolution. Vanessa will share the importance of healing the densities of trauma with an introduction and demonstration of Generational Healing™. 60 mins $150 + HST Available Select Days around Her two workshops in January and February. Email rocks@therockstore.ca to book or call 416 516 2191.