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  • Womb Healing Sessions Promotion
  • Womb Healing Sessions Promotion

Womb Healing Sessions Promotion

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    Your womb is the center of your feminine power, energy and creativity, it is a storehouse for energy, emotions and memories. Many of us lose connection with our womb energy due unresolved wounding and traumas. This creates blockages at the physical, emotional, energetic level.

    By consciously engaging in its cleansing, we are able to refill our womb with our own essence and vital life force energy. This 60 or 90 min session is designed to connect you with your womb energy and inner feminine guidance.

    Come into knowing what your womb may be asking you to release / create at this specific time in your life.

    Each session includes a reiki treatment, a guided womb meditation, breath work and the use of crystals specifically chosen to support your womb. You will also be given practices to take home to deepen your connection to your womb.

    How a Womb Healing Session could potentially support you:
    * Increase your sense of self, self confidence and creativity
    * Re-awaken your sensual energy, pleasure and fertility
    * Support you in healing from a hysterectomy
    * Support you in clearing energy from old relationships, making room for new energy to flow
    * Support you in overcoming old patterns and habits that were created from sexual and relational trauma
    * Support you in restoring life force of the womb post child birth
    * Support you in working through unresolved energy related to birth control, abortions, ancestral trauma, sexual trauma and neglect; supporting you in creating energetic space to move forward from

    Sessions are open to Women Only. 

    Liz will be in Toronto from September 13th to early November, 2023
    Please note; sessions will have to be prepaid to confirm booking. 

    60 mins Promo Price $100 + HST
    90 mins  Promo price $135 + HST 

    MEET LIZ: Liz has been supporting women in their path of self-love for the last 12 years, through the practices of holistic healing, mindfulness, yoga, dance movement therapy and counselling. 

    Policy: In respect of our practitioners time and the nature of this very special offering, please allow 48 hours notice to reschedule. Please note that rescheduling is done through the scheduling link. If there are no sessions available, there is no refund available. Liz leaves Canada on Nov 5th. Please note, that there are NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE. 

    Liz is here for a limited time and we ask that you respect her time and offerings.