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Who We Are

The Rock Store is a crystal haven and Healing Centre that offers a safe and sacred space for community to gather in the heart of downtown Toronto. Set in a beautiful, light filled and airy 100 ft long crystal palace, it supports a retail store specializing in crystals, meditation aids, books, ritual tools, and yoga products. The Rock Store also has a variety of services from Reiki treatments to Intuitive readings, signature classes and certification programs in Astrology, Reiki and Tarot. 

We are deeply inspired by the beauty of the Earth, through rocks, crystals, and nature. We seek to bring our love of nature and all its wonders to our community in how we curate our products, the care and attention we place in our jewellery and signature crafts, the earthly and natural decor and sensory environment.

We offer an experience to our customers of being filled with all the beauty and energy of our space in the hopes they may leave happier and feeling more centred.   

Our Mission

It is time to lay the foundations! Crystals and Minerals are the core foundation of the Earth, and of our bodies. It is this perspective that permeates the mission of The Rock Store. We are a Crystal Haven and Healing Centre, here to support the foundations required to anchor a practice of awareness into the life. When we dig deep into the Earth, we find the beautiful treasures of the mineral kingdom, ready to share their information as pure manifestations of all that we are made from and our connectedness to the Earth. When we dive into ourselves, it is in that depth where we gain awareness of what makes us whole and in that, we understand that we are not separate from the Earth and experience, but made entirely of everything from it.

Our Team is dedicated to their own personal journeys and supporting those around them. We work closely together in community while honouring nature and the environment. We are devoted to constantly increasing our integrity in this growing industry and grounding the practice deeper into alignment with the changes that are happening around us.

Our mission is to offer to the community a safe environment for healing, education, and growth.


We wish to acknowledge the ancestral traditional territories of the Ojibway, the Anishnabe and in particular the Mississaugas of the New Credit whose territory we are inhabiting today. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties. 

Lady Samantha owner of the The Rock Store

Meet Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha is the vision behind The Rock Store since its origins in Ed Mirvish Village in 2009. Since then it has grown to become the healing centre it is today. 

When she is not teaching, writing, crafting or working one on one with clients, she can be found somewhere in nature with her horses, dogs and family, while simultaneously staring up into the sky questioning our connection to everything.