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Who We Are

It is time to lay the foundations! Crystals are the core foundation of the Earth, and of our bodies. It is this perspective that permeates the mission of The Rock Store. We are a Crystal Haven and Healing Centre, here to support the foundations required to anchor a practice in awareness of the reality of life. When we dig deep into the Earth, we find the beautiful treasures of the mineral kingdom, ready to share their information as pure manifestations of all that we are made from and our connectedness to the Earth. When we dive into ourselves, it is in that depth where we gain awareness of what makes us whole and in that, we understand that we are not separate from the Earth and experience, but made entirely of everything from it.

Our Team is dedicated to their own personal journeys and supporting those around them. We work closely together in community, family and friendship, while honouring the Mother in this work. We are devoted to constantly increasing our integrity in this growing industry and grounding the practice deeper into alignment with the changes that are happening around us.

We are a family, in service of the Great Mother, which works to offer to the community a safe environment for healing, education, and growth.

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