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Gendai Reiki Ryoho

Reiki is the Essence of Everything

Reiki is conditioned energy, soul force, and spiritual power. It originates from the highest dimension. It is the vibration of love, harmony, and healing and it fills the universe as pure light. When everything else is taken away, Reiki is the universal design and blue print that maps and reorganizes. Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui Sensei on Mount Kurama in Japan where he received a big Reiki Attunement from the Universe after 21 of meditation and fasting.

The path and practice of Reiki is a practice of awareness, and of moment to moment reflection of what’s here now. It is the practice of filling yourself with pure love, harmony and healing and transmitting it in its pure form. It is the practice of Bodhi and of enlightenment. Within this practice, we honour the Divine Essence of Spirit of the Universe and the lack of separation of ourselves from others, our local community, our global network. It is the practice of becoming one with the Universe and resonating with that which has always been.

According to Usui Sensei, the purpose of life is to achieve deep peace of mind and find true happiness. As long as you value status or transitory phenomena such as property, personal satisfaction or achievements, you will remain in a state of imbalance and will not enjoy peace of mind. Usui Sensei taught that we can become one with the Universe through personal enlightenment.

By following Usui Sensei’s teachings, one can advance towards Daianshin (Anshin Ritumei), the state of inner peace in which you do joyfully that which you must do. Gendai Reiki Ho aims to replace suffering with inner peace and happiness.

Gendai Reiki

We follow the Gendai Reiki system that flows from Usui through to Doi Sensei. The lineage of Reiki is very important to us and why we have chosen to follow the Gendai Reiki lineage as we feel it maintains Usui Sensei's original intentions and integrity. 


Classes Structure:

Reiki is a practice that requires consistency and softness, allowing integration into all the fields of life.  Therefore the levels truly cannot be rushed. Traditionally in Japan, acceptance to the next level was dependant on how much the student was actually becoming Reiki and secondary on the healing ability. It is not a process that can be rushed or viewed as another modality to quickly obtain. The classes are gateways and openings that launch another layer of anchoring deep into the life. Time is needed after each class to integrate the opening, keep it open with self purification, self treatment and meditation and allow the lessons to unfold as it takes hold.

Please note that students of Gendai Reiki Ryoho at The Rock Store must take classes in order

Students transferring from other lineages will have to start at Level 1 to be familiar with the texture of the Gendai Practice, receive the attunements and learn the techniques. 


The classes are divided into levels, the first being Shodan, level one, where the first attunement is given; The attunement being the gateway to resonating with the vibration of reiki. This attunement to the vibration of Reiki will stay with you for life and no hard training is required to start healing. In Level 1, we focus on self purification techniques and develop a meditation practice to resonate with Reiki Ho. You will learn the 12 basic hand techniques and self purification exercises to strenthen the resonance with Reiki and ultimately the core of your being.

The extent to which we can receive this vibration depends upon our “receiving system”. Reiki resonates with highest human consciousness. Our level of consciousness which determines how clear our channel of reiki is, will determine the extent of our healing ability.

There are four levels in Gendai Reiki Ryoho unlike the three levels of the Western  Shiki tradition of Reiki. Gendai Reiki Ho was introduced in Japan by Doi Sensei, in direct lineage of Usui Sensei as they were intended to be, as not only a healing practice of Teate Ho ( the laying on of hands), but as a path to Satori (enlightenment).

**A Certificate is awarded for those that attend a minimum of 3 reiki circles and fulfill the necessary requirements of the Reiki Shihan (21 days of meditation). The Reiki Shihan can refuse certification if they feel the student needs more practice time. Reiki Circles occur bimonthly usually on the weekend.

Cost: $235 + HST
See policy at bottom


In Level 2, we continue the self purification techniques to become healthy beings in harmony and love. We introduce advanced healing techniques and support the practice through meditation, discussion and case studies. It is recommended to wait at least 1.5 months after Level 1 before signing up for Level 2. 
Prerequisite: Level 1 at The Rock Store.

Certification is awarded at the discretion of the Shihan, after relevant practice, attendance and integration time. The homework in level 2 includes case studies, meditation homework, distance treatments, book readings, and Reiki Circle attendance. 

Cost: $325 + HST
See policy at bottom
This price includes two manuals: Okuden Manual and Practice Manual. 


In Level 3, we focus our attention inward towards the cultivation of Being, Openness, Clarity, Forgiveness and Sensitivity. Level 3 is taught over the course of a few months and aims to bring your awareness to a new understanding. We build upon the practice introducing self purification exercises that coincide with the topics we discuss. The students are given the Shinpinden attunement.
Please note: The Shihan may refuse the student admittance to this class. A proper fit between Shihan and student is also of great importance. 
Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2 at The Rock Store

This class is taught over 5-6 classes that are spread out over 6-8 months. 

Cost: $675 + HST
See policy at bottom


Level 4 is one - on - one between the student and the Shihan ( teacher). This class is for those who wish you go out into the world and offer the love of Reiki to others in a class. Please note: The Shihan may refuse to take Shinpiden graduate through Gokukaiden. 
Prerequisite: Level 1 through 3 completed plus related assignments at The Rock Store

Cost: $699 + HST
See policy at bottom

Reiki Circles

Reiki Shares are available by monthly for Gendai Reiki Ryoho students to practice and share their experiences of having this vibration as a part of their life. These circles are held monthly to bi – monthly. The cost per circle is by sliding scale $19 + HST minimum. The circles are open to students practicing Gendai Reiki Ryoho at The Rock Store only. 

Enjoy the Journey

Gendai Reiki Shihan
Komyo Reiki Shihan

Upcoming Gendai Reiki Ryoho Class Dates:

To register, feel free to sign up online by clicking below, or in person. 
Please note, sign ups for Level 2 and Level 3 need to be approved before registration. Email reiki@therockstore.ca before registering online for level 2 or 3. 

Official Manual Distribution

We are now the official manual distributors for the Gendai Reiki Network in Canada. If you are in need of manuals, and not a part of the Reiki community at The Rock Store, please email reiki@therockstore.ca. We will require proof of lineage through the Gendai Reiki lineage and a manual handler contract will be required to be signed. 

Workshop Policy: 
Full Payment required for registration
Cancellation with 14+ Days Notice: Full Store Credit towards Product or Service
Cancellation with Less then 14 Days Notice: Store Credit minus 20% for administrative fee
Cancellation with less then 3 days: Store credit of 30% of the total price will be issued to be used towards a product or service. 
Same Day/No Show Cancellation: No Credit/No Refund for any reason

Please note: Cost of Manuals is included in the course fee. Loss of Manual will incur an additional cost to replace it.