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Archetype Recipe Bracelets

Welcome to our Archetype Recipe Bracelets page. Each piece is imbued with a very specific energetic intention. The pieces are created with a select energetic aspect of the Goddess, but also leverages the natural harmony certain stones have with one another to amplify the intentions. For some of our other designs, you can find our Standard Bracelets Here. 

At The Rock Store we love adornment. We love Bangles. We are working to add more variety to these pages and more sizes so continue to check in! Please measure your wrist size to see if we have your size. All the bracelets on this page are on jewellery elastic. Please do not wear in water or stretch excessively, and try rolling bracelets on and off your wrist. Jewellery Elastic will not last forever. If you notice it starting to fray, consider having it restrung or even re-gifting the beads back to the earth and thanking the bracelet for its time and assistance in your life.