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Meet Our Team

Lady Samantha

The Rock Store Owner, Astrologer, Gendai Reiki Shihan, Komyo Reiki Shihan, Crystal Therapist, Author of the Crystal Awakenings Certification Program, Ritual Coordinator, 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Northern Witchcraft

It is my personal understanding at this point in my journey that what we all seek is to come back into ourselves, get deeper into who we are, and find balance, harmony and relief. It is the practice of falling in love with ourselves, softening the judgment or fixed perceptions we have on how our reality should be, what we expect from living and from our relationships, and letting go into the current of our lives, responding to its encouraging flow.

At this point, all I can do is surrender and let go into my experience, witness its lessons, and make choices that I feel will support growth. I balance the search for meaning and purpose with the acceptance of the beauty that reality just is, and I am just now within the mundane and within that there is beauty. Everything we search for is not outside of us, but as I discover continuously, solely within.

Jayne Marie

Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Email: jaynemarie@therockstore.ca

Jayne Marie’s philosophy for tarot and numerology is based on the belief that every person holds the answers to questions that arise during their life journey. Tapping into your subconscious is achieved by Jayne Marie’ s ability to combine these practices with her intuitive gift. She receives the messages, lessons, and blessings from the universe that are just waiting to be released from your spirit..

Jayne has been reading tarot professionally for over 17 years and teaching for 6 years.


Jennifer Faraone

Gendai Reiki Practitioner
Email: jennifer@therockstore.ca

I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity and accessibility of reiki. Rather than trying to explain or understand its’ healing potential, I simply lean into wherever it takes me, knowing that it always ends up taking me to the place where it’s needed most. So much can be uncovered when we simply allow ourselves to be open and observe with curiosity.

One of my most profound teachings with reiki has been the ability to surrender and trust; and I am honored to help others connect to reiki and support them during their own journey.

Gregmar Newman

Reiki Practitioners
Email: gregmar@therockstore.ca

I can safely say that my life has been divided into before Reiki and after Reiki. My spiritual journey started with Reiki and I haven’t looked back since. Reiki thought me the true meaning of trusting and letting go. I see Reiki as a very powerful, yet gentle way to bring more balance, healing and harmony into our life. I try to weave my knowledge as a Yoga and Ayurveda educator into my Reiki sessions to support people in exploring ways of living in alignment with their True Self. It’s an honour and a privilege to share Reiki with my clients.


Britany Lee

Iridology Reader, Manager of The Rock Store
Email: britany@therockstore.ca

I discovered the practice of Iridology while on my own personal healing journey. After years of unanswered questions and being frustrated with what the traditional western medical industry had to offer, I sought alternative healing modalities that focused on the idea of holistic health. I found the answers I was in need of, as well as comfort in being heard and supported with natural healing tools.