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Meet Our Team

Lady Samantha

The Rock Store Owner, Gendai Reiki Shihan, Komyo Reiki Shihan, Crystal Therapist, Author of the Crystal Awakenings Certification Program, Ritual Coordinator, 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Northern Witchcraft
Email: samantha@therockstore.ca

It is my personal understanding at this point in my journey that what we all seek is to come back into ourselves, get deeper into who we are, and find balance, harmony and relief. It is the practice of falling in love with ourselves, softening the judgment or fixed perceptions we have on how our reality should be, and letting go into the current of our lives, responding to its encouraging flow.

At this point, all I can do is surrender and let go into my experience, surrender to Her, the great Mother, MA, and act as She takes hold of my life. With this I understand that it is with Her direction I humbly accept and await instruction. And all that She is, is not outside of me, but as I discover continuously, also within.

To the movement of all that She teaches and asks of me. Blessings Be Bestowed.


Moksha Yoga Teacher, Gendai Reiki Ryoho Practicioner, Scholar of The Runic Northern Tradition of Magic and witchcraft, Chuluaqui Quodoushka 1 Certified

Email: rupi@therockstore.ca

I am a true Aquarius woman, always trying to find new and impactful ways of bringing people together. I’m on a mission to help others reclaim their power, confidence, and self-esteem at whatever pace feels comfortable. Transformation is a focus of my spiritual practice. I know first-hand that change and growth can be both light and dark. 

All of the healing practices I participate in individually, and with students and clients, offer a structural foundation and enough space for acceptance, expression, freedom and community. This is important because we need to feel a sense of safety to be able to show up for our journeys as they ebb and flow. Yoga, reiki, goddess rituals and runic witchcraft offer compatible and harmonious methods for accessing and developing the self.

Reiki has taught me the art of surrender and is my daily spiritual practice. Through it I have learned how healthy boundaries can enrich my life, as well as how to trust the unravelling process of spirit and soulful energy that moves within.

Whatever vibe or energy you're experiencing, I invite you in for a treatment so that I may support you, in a safe and integral space.

Andra Evans

Spiritual Mentor and Coach, Soul-Based Counseling, Akashic Records Consulting, Shamanic Reiki, Munay-Ki Mentor, Meditation/Journey Guide
Email: andra@therockstore.ca

We each have a story so important for weaving our contribution to the web of life, and whether we are aware of it or not, our soul guides us through life to find and live the path of harmony and purpose.

As a “soul whisperer”, my life has given me experiences to grow and share my ‘soul gifts’ – deep listening, empathy, communication, and teaching. I am uniquely trained and skilled in transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual development, life coaching, conscious communications, and shamanic and energetic healing practices. So when clients arrive seeking healing, learning, and growth, we explore the vast realm of possibility and the big picture of your life, so that you can move forward with clarity, peace, and empowerment.

Through life’s ups and downs and as a woman with intuitive gifts, I have come to know that every human is divinely complex and multi-dimensional. My mission is to work with the energies of love, harmony, and beauty to promote healing, personal power embodiment, and authentic living as the soul moves through it’s ‘growth spurts’ and initiations into wisdom. I am passionate about the journey of the soul, human potential, heart-centered living, humanitarian service, creative expression, and conscious evolution – and it is my high honour to be of service to you and your loved ones.

Emily Todd

Reiki Practitioner, Astrology Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Email: emily@therockstore.ca

I grew up with a reverence for nature, and it continues to be a source of constant inspiration and solace in my life. My conscious connection to spirit began when I started to work with children who have autism. They taught me the value in all experiences and all walks of life; people are unique, no one path fits everyone’s journey. I have so much gratitude for these small teachers and the wisdom of nature.

My background is rooted in psychology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Astrology and holistic nutrition. Through these practices and my own healing journey, I have come to understand that every part of us is valuable, and every experience serves to teach us. Our role is to simply uncover the lessons as they are offered.

I believe that healing is an active process, one that both the practitioner and client are equally involved in. I seek to empower each client to engage in this process and uncover their own authentic balance. Together we discover that what at first can seem like a liability actually contains the gifts that unlock our freedom.

Jayne Marie

Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher

Jayne Marie’s philosophy for tarot and numerology is based on the belief that every person holds the answers to questions that arise during their life journey. Tapping into your subconscious is achieved by Jayne Marie’ s ability to combine these practices with her intuitive gift. She receives the messages, lessons, and blessings from the universe that are just waiting to be released from your spirit.

Jayne has been reading tarot professionally for over 17 years and teaching for 6 years.

Deslee Mihalyi

Moontime & Fertility, Qi Gong, Medicines of the Mother, Full Moon Women's Circles
Email: deslee@therockstore.ca

My fascination with the physical body began early in life as a young athlete and then led to a study of Kinesiology Science in university. As my knowledge of the body systems deepened, I realized that there was something missing from my studies: the Life Force Spirit. My search for the Spirit within the body brought me to formal education in Traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist Philosophy as well as an initiatic and apprenticeship process in Peru, South America.

Using various techniques during a session, I employ a feminine based ceremonial and artistic approach to the treatments.

If matter is broken down to it’s smallest particles, it begins to behave as both a particle and a wave. It is at this level that I work with one's body and Spirit.

Andreja Ivic

Gendai Reiki, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Crystals, Tarot, Astrology, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates and yoga instructor
Email: andreja@therockstore.ca

The personal inquiry of deeply understanding the essence of my own soul, knowing true self-love, and living in harmony in this body and in rhythm with the planet, lead me on a path of exploring various healing modalities. It is with gratitude of my own personal development, that I am blessed to share what continues to heal, evolve and teach me daily in my own life, and with clients, in an intimate way.

As we are all uniquely designed, each session is dedicated to honour this with mindful attention, intuition and deep care for each individual’s personal needs. A safe, grounded, and nurturing sacred space is created so that the client can allow receptivity for their own healing process to take place during treatment.

May you experience wholeness of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Julie Burns

Past Life Regression and Angel Readings/Intuitive Consultations
Email: julie@therockstore.ca

Julie’s passion is to work with like-minded individuals who want to connect through the understanding of soul, and are seeking truth and self-empowerment. She offers a compassionate, practical, and non-judgmental approach, regardless of faith or orientation. She especially loves to work with people who desire support in clarifying their purpose, and improving their personal and intimate relationships.

Past Life regression is the most popular of her offerings and is a two hour experiential process of uncovering your “past stories” to help shift your present experience. The Angel Readings/Intuitive Consultations are one hour and offer the opportunity to be intuitively “coached” in any area of your life. These sessions can also be used to further explore findings from the Past Life regression sessions as well. Julie has an eclectic background and training which includes the study of intuition and angels, and she is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue. She also has two trainings in Past Life regression work, which includes her most recent advanced training with Transpersonal Psychologist, Dr. Jonni Gray. Other studies include Reiki, psychology, feminine power, and the performing arts. She is committed to life-long learning especially in the areas of spirituality and personal growth.

Teri Horowitz

Reiki Practitioner
Email: teri@therockstore.ca

Through my own personal healing journey and years of experience working with others that struggle with mental health and addiction issues, I desire to help others find healing and balance on all levels.

I have a background and education in psychology and I am grateful to continue to work with those affected by mental health and addiction issues in my community and in my job at a treatment centre. I strongly believe from my own experience and those of others around me that healing must take place on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in order to find freedom and that this freedom is certainly available for those willing to do the work on themselves.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am committed to creating a safe space to explore and heal. I seek to support each individual in their process, to find their purpose and to become whole again.

Shirley Pincay

Reiki Practitioner
Email: shirley@therockstore.ca

My soul story has propelled me to believe that our deepest path in our life is of ones journey to remembering. Remembering the deep within, our true self, our sacred container. Not knowing our whole self is what stifles us and creates suffering. Remembering allows us to love ourselves deeply, and live from our true nature. The process of returning to wholeness at times can come with ease but it can also be daunting amidst an emotional storm. Although it was difficult to see in the moment I have truly learned that everything that takes place has it's reasons and that they are meant to teach us as long as we listen to our deepest wisdom. I use an integrative formula of intuitive guidance and Reiki to support you, allowing you to access your whole self, wisdom, physical awareness as well as find balance. This time is used to move into you.

Some of my most valuable work that I continue to do is working with children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. It has been my schooling for life having learned the importance of being calm, present, and compassionate. My background also weaves through different art forms in song and dance that over the years I have cultivated. Sound and movement are strong modalities that clear and balance energy and I draw on this work for soul nourishment. I love plants and I create botanical magic baths, and scrubs made with salts and herbs for spiritual bathing and cleansing.

“Love is the true antithesis of fear. It expands where fear constricts. It embraces where fear repels." - Marion Woodman