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Full Moon Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 16th

11. May 2022

We are now officially within Eclipse season after the beautiful and delicious Solar Eclipse we experienced on the 30th of April. It is important to understand that eclipses tell a story over the 1.5 - 2 years that they highlight or activate a particular area of your life. It does not mean that on the exact day of the eclipse something will happen but instead that the energy is potent and culminating towards the overall changes that need to take place throughout the entire time frame.

This eclipse cycle through Scorpio and Taurus in your chart started at the end of November and will end in October 2023. This area wil be where the eclipses highlight beginnings and endings.


SCORPIO definitely lives up to its stereotype this May 16th. Unfortunately, it does not carry the ease of opportunity and joy that the Solar Eclipse recently gifted.

This Full Moon in Scorpio falls at 25 degrees of Scorpio which will be similar to the energies of the November 19th, 2021 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus that fell at 27 degrees, which is when this cycle began.

This full moon eclipse lunation SQUARES Saturn which is its major aspect. There is a bit of support from a trine to Neptune but overall this square will create more tension and aggravation. Saturn imposes limits, gets in the way of projects, and can create anxiety. It can also create a roadblock that stops movement. In a square, the planet of frustration forces you to work for something, pushes you to earn it, and gain consciousness as a result of its lesson. It can be constructive depending on how it touches your chart, but for the most part it is a hard energy to be under the influence of.  


This particular eclipse is definitely not comfy and cozy. Should this eclipse touch your chart around 25 degrees of fixed signs, it can add upheavals and confrontations surrounding events and relationships in your life.  

The moon is in FALL in Scorpio which is a weak placement for the moon.  

A day before the eclipse, the moon will have made an opposition with Uranus which will stir up some definite potentials for sudden events. As the moon travels from Uranus to Saturn, the energy of the Saturn Uranus square is reactivated, along with the themes we have been experiencing for over a year.  This can literally feel like we get to speed up then have to slam on the breaks. Sound familiar? 



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