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New Moon Solar Eclipse April 30th

25. April 2022

Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden your life takes a drastic turn,  you are surprised by a chance meeting that feels fated in nature or a sudden event spawns a series of opportunities? 

It is probable that those moments corresponded to the eclipse season of the year. 

What are eclipses? 

Eclipses are supercharged full and new moons that happen twice a year in pairs, sometimes threes. Astronomically, they represents when the orbit of the moon lines up with the Sun and the Earth along the same plane. We can experience the moon blocking the light of the Sun in a solar new moon eclipse, or the orange glow of a lunar full moon eclipse when the earth is caught between the moon and the Sun and reflects the Earth’s surface. 

Eclipses are linked to fate, destiny, and karma. Therefore, should it touch your chart, eclipses can speed up the process towards destined outcomes that seem beyond our control. As a result, we can experience beginnings and endings that are significant in nature. 

Why are they important?

This year the eclipse cycle resides along the Taurus / Scorpio axis. We all have an area of our chart that has Taurus and Scorpio and those signs govern a particular area of your chart that will be dependant upon the time you were born, your rising sign.  The houses they fall in show where the eclipses will take action and experience beginnings and endings. 

This particular eclipse cycle is especially potent because they are falling in the same sign that the major Uranus transits of 2021 and 2022 are residing in. Uranus is the bringing of change, revolt, and rebellion. Combined with the eclipses, potential drastic invitations and releases can be expected.

These influences make this time more than ever a critical time to manifest, gain insight, and listen to what the current themes that the eclipses. 

April 30th New Moon Solar Eclipse

New Moon sextile Mars
New Moon Conjunct Uranus 
Venus Conjunct Jupiter

This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 10 degrees in the sign of Taurus at 4:27 pm EST. This new moon is conjunct Uranus the rebel, inventor and usurper, and sextile Mars, which stimulate and infuses this eclipse with passion and desires for its targeted outcome. This is a perfect eclipse to initiate your plans into action and take a step forward with a renewed leap of faith in a new venture. It is also a perfect time to welcome new romances and stimulate old ones. 

Mars and Uranus interacting together is stimulating passion so whether it is towards a venture or a new person, it is indicative should it touch your chart passionate drives. 

Coincidentally at the same time, Venus and Jupiter join together in a beautiful pairing of beauty and opportunity. Together we could potentially see a new opporuinty for igniting a new relationship, relationship changes and an impact of your wealth. Venus and Jupiter is literally "wealth opportunities" which could literally mean an opportunity comes a knocking or we decide this is the day to launch that new business or send your resume out! 


To see where this affect you personally, your transits for the year and understanding your natal constitution, book a reading with Lady Samantha here. 

Samantha has been involved in the study of astrology since 2010. She is the vision behind The Rock Store and has used astrology personally to manage and implement her vision from its beginnings. She blends her intuitive nature and sensitivity, her devotion to personal growth, love of being of service, and her wealth of knowledge in mythology and astrology into each and every reading. It is her joy and pleasure to be able to offer this service to you at this time. 

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