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2024 Astrology Insights

23. January 2024

So far, this year feels like we are teetering on the precipice of change. The astrology has one foot stepping into the new world while being asked to wrap up certain lessons before we can fully move forward. 

Pluto has entered the sign of Aquarius as of January 20th, 2024 and ushers us forward towards technological advancements and collective changes that will affect how we operate globally. The two other outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, will spend their last year in their signs before entering new chapters in 2025. These three generational planets rarely change signs, Pluto 10-30 years, Uranus 7 years, and Neptune 14 years, approximately. Their movements correlate historically to changes in global political relationships and impacts to the economy and global trends. It is uncommon for all three to be changing sign during the same time frame. Each one comes with uncertainty that requires resilience, flexibility and tests the resources that affect security. 

Uranus and Neptune will spend 2024 wrapping up the lessons in their respective houses. This brings with it personal themes that ask us to tie up loose ends and complete projects or lessons we have been meaning to get to. Uranus has been transiting through Taurus since 2018, bringing change to your Taurus house. Collectively, we have seen the impacts of Uranus in our relationship to food, labour markets, fluctuations in the market and inflation.

The spring will be quite telling as the rise in intensity could require bravery and courage in your life. We have a potent series of eclipses in the Aries Libra axis of the zodiac with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 8th that will be visible in Toronto. This new moon eclipse is conjoined with Chiron, the wounded healer and could represent events that mark a new journey for your soul as we bravely take on new risks. In some cases, Aries eclipses could create acute experiences that have to be dealt with. The rise in energy from this eclipse will be potently felt and those with cardinal sign planets (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra) may have to put out fires. 

On April 20th, a rare Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus could provide sudden opportunities for the changes you need to make in the future. If you have felt the need yet unsure how to get there, this alignment can provide the way forward should it touch your natal configuration. Watch out around this time as the opportunities that present themselves may not be conventional or expected. Expect good things to happen. Be discerning and smart yet look at what transpires around this time.
On May 25th, Jupiter will enter Gemini where it will stay for one year. This shift will be optimistic and bring much needed positivity to your Gemini house, any planets that reside there and also affect your other mutable sign planets. This is a welcome shift as Saturn has been trolling Pisces since last year. Jupiter brings growth, awareness, expansion, opportunity, and insights yet can also inflate behaviours that were reined in before. Be careful overindulging certain habits as Jupiter in Gemini does have a tendency to run its mouth, purchase way too many books it will never read, and be inflexible in its thinking. 
Important Dates List:
January 20th - Pluto enters Aquarius 00°
March 25th - Lunar Full Moon Eclipse In Libra 5°
April 8th - Solar New Moon Eclipse in Aries 19°
May 25th - Jupiter enters Gemini 00°
Sept 17th - Full Moon eclipse in Pisces 25°
Oct 2nd - New Moon in Libra 10°
Dec 6th - Mars Retrograde Begins at 6° Leo


To see where this affect you personally, your transits for the year and understanding your natal constitution, book a reading with Lady Samantha here. 

Samantha has been involved in the study of astrology since 2010. She is the vision behind The Rock Store and has used astrology personally to manage and implement her vision from its beginnings. She blends her intuitive nature and sensitivity, her devotion to personal growth, love of being of service, and her wealth of knowledge in mythology and astrology into each and every reading. It is her joy and pleasure to be able to offer this service to you at this time. 


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