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What is Iridology?

07. March 2023

Iridology has long been a part of the healing world. As far back as 3000 years ago there is historical data depicting the study of the Iris in relation to the organs and systems in the human body. In the last 150 years, there has been an even deeper dive into the topic.

Discovering that the Iris not only holds information about the systems and organs within the body can provide us with a broader spectrum of information regarding one’s physical, mental and energetic well-being. As humans, we have a physical body and an energy body, both of which can be assessed through Iridology.

If we are truly taking a holistic approach to our health then we must treat both the physical and energetic body simultaneously. When we are holding on to stagnant energy in the form of trauma, negative emotions, or ruminating on low-frequency thoughts or self-limiting beliefs, that energy begins to cause stagnation in our energy centres.

Over time this stagnant energy will turn into discomfort, dis-ease or ailment in the physical body. Once the illness has come to a physical fruition it can be more challenging to heal and a slower process. That is why we want to be proactive with our health care, and take a preventive approach to health and wellness.

At this point, we are well aware that stress results in a weakened immune system and can eventually result in illness. Despite being armed with this information, our society continues to push a go-go-go, hustle-and-bustle mentality. More of us are living in urban centres with higher levels of pollution, lower air quality, and an overwhelming amount of EMF and low-frequency energy. We are living in a society addicted to cortisol-increasing screens and a majority of occupations require some form of reliance on technology. Unfortunately, our bodies have not caught up to the stimulus level required to function in today’s fast pace world.

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression continue to rise and have been normalized to an unhealthy degree. Even though we have accepted the fact that stress makes us sick, many continue to live in a perpetual state of mental discomfort.

Iridology is an excellent way to assess the root cause of stressors both mental and physical and limit their effect on our health and well-being long term. When we are aware of our body’s unique needs it allows us to better customize our lifestyle.

In a society that is built upon allopathic medicine and reactive health care, individuals must take responsibility for building a proactive and preventative-focused lifestyle. The Iris can tell us much about our physical body’s constitution, and our genetically inherited strengths and deficiencies. We can gain valuable information regarding our dietary choices and nutritional needs. As well as a plethora of other impactful information such as personality traits, how our familial relationships affect our energy levels, our ability to adapt to stressors, our relationship with ourselves, optimal career choices, and beneficial lifestyle choices.

If you are searching for support in building a lifestyle that is unique to your body’s needs and will optimize your holistic health then Iridology could be a great option for you.


  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies
  • Detecting health issues before they become problematic
  • Map genetically inherited strengths and deficiencies
  • Preventative health care action plan
  • Learn about your constitutional strengths
  • Identifying toxicity, inflammation, injury, degeneration and risk factors
  • Map of the energetic body
  • Valuable information about physical, mental, and emotional health
  • How to improve energy levels
  • Detect root causes of sleep issues affects of trauma on the body
  • Decipher the root cause of stress and anxiety
  • Put into practice beneficial lifestyle choices
  • Tools for decreasing stress and anxiety


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Britany Lee photoMeet Britany
I studied the practice of Iridology while on my own personal healing journey. After years of unanswered questions and being frustrated, I sought alternative healing modalities that focused on the idea of holistic health. I found the answers I was in need of, as well as comfort in being heard and supported with natural healing tools.


Disclaimer: An iridologist is not a doctor and would never advise clients to use these sessions as a substitute for seeking medical attention of a licensed practitioner. Please speak to your doctor if you are looking for support in a medical related issue.

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