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2024 Eclipse Dates and Spring Summary

07. March 2024

Eclipse season starts March 25th with a full moon in Libra followed by a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th. This eclipse season continues the eclipse themes from October in the Aries Libra axis of the zodiac.

The luminaries, the Sun and moon, dance with each other monthly in their cycle of awareness, introspection, relations and growth. During eclipses, they line up along the same plane and 'eclipse' eachother, blocking the light and awareness from view. We are in the dark as other forces urge us forward towards certain fates and outcomes. This is why eclipses have been tied to significant beginnings and endings, the rise and fall of kings and emperors and major changes in our personal lives. They have been considered omens by the ancients and feared in history by many. 

Eclipses tell a story. They comes in pairs, sometimes threes, and fall within a particular axis of the zodiac for 18 months bringing forward momentum and direction that seem out of your control. Since the awareness of them is 'eclipsed', we do not necessarily become aware of their full message until after eclipse season is over. 

Here are the eclipses for 2024: 

MARCH 25TH, 2024 - Full Moon Eclipse In Libra 5° 
APRIL 8TH, 2024 - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 19° 
SEPT 17TH, 2024 - Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces 25°
OCT 2ND, 2024 - New Moon Eclipse in Libra 10°

The eclipse on April 8th is most notable and impactful for a few reasons. 

First, southern Ontario and the eastern United States fall within the total eclipse path of visibility, experiencing the blocking of the Sun in the day, which lends more intensity and power to what the eclipse could bring, expedite or shed. 

Second, the new moon eclipse in Aries forms a conjunction (coming together) with Chiron, the wounded healer, which prompts a deeper level of experience unchartered before. With Chiron, we explore old wounds, insecurities and traumas. In Aries we can blast through some old pain and heal stuck energies that constricted movement in the past. This asteroid can also present pain in general tied to this eclipse. 

Third, the eclipse falls in Aries, who is ruled by Mars and has a very difficult alignment with Saturn on the days around the eclipse which can bring tension, stalemate, constriction, and crisis. We may need to respond to situations and move energies forward, but we are held back in some way. Responsibilities could get in the way. Put one foot in front of the other. 

Finally, Mercury will be retrograde which will further complicate the energies of the eclipse. The energies in the weeks after this particular eclipse will rush forward as Mercury turns direct and unlocks its potential. 

Take note of people, situations, and thoughts that were relevant in October. Eclipses can push forward these experiences. 

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