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Welcome to 2018!

07. January 2018

Here in the deep freeze of Toronto’s winter, we at The Rock Store are celebrating a pivotal year for the store, and you our community. 2017 brought monumental change as we moved homes from Markham Street to Harbord Street, and in the spirit of celebration and growth, we extend heart-felt thanks to you for being with us on this ride to anchor our new home in grounded earth offerings.

At this start of a new calendar year, we are often encouraged to reflect on the year we are leaving behind and to make room for new blessings in the coming year. What makes THIS year’s transition special is that we are beginning the year with a cleansing full moon - and it’s a SUPER full moon, meaning the moon is a bit closer to the earth, and is therefore brighter, and has a stronger gravitational pull on the waters of earth.

There are a number reasons this moon is special as it coincides with the start of 2018.

Known as the Full Wolf Moon, it represents the deep winter’s invitation to connect with what we long for in our relationship with ourselves and others - members of our “pack. The season’s moon, known by the original peoples in our community, is known as the Earth Renewal moon.

When we pair that with the archetypal astrological energies of the new year, the full moon shines the Capricorn sun from its position in Cancer, offering a potent “re-set”. Cancer shines the light on how we nurture ourselves in body, mind, and spirit, while Capricorn supports us creating structured goal-centered movements forward.

So with the start of the year, this is great time to reflect on what we are celebrating and carrying forward for growth in 2018, while lovingly acknowledging what needs to change as we tend to the day-to-day of our lives.

And as we move into January, we can look forward to another full moon to end the first month of 2018, this time in Leo and with a lunar eclipse! More on this soon, as we prepare for a special Leo Full Moon Eclipse Circle on January 31st!

Lastly, because so many of our community is learning to align their inner rhythms with earth’s natural rhythms (ie, seasons, solar and lunar cycles), we are offering a robust new class called Finding Your Flow with Nature’s Timings. This class is enriched with information you can use to plan your year using the gifts of natural cycles to support your goals.

So dear community, we offer warmth to tend to your inner fires as we begin a new year. We invite your curiosity to lead you into a deeper relationship with yourself, others, and your sense of purpose and expression in 2018 - what are YOU ready to create or grow this year?

Thank you for being part of The Rock Store’s journey - we look forward to serving you in 2018!

By Andra Evans

Andra has been supporting The Rock Store community with Spiritual Counselling, Akashic Record Consultations and other services since 2010. To book a spiritual counselling session or Akashic Record Reading with her, email andra@therockstore.ca.  

To Register for the Full Moon Eclipse Circle on Jan 31st Click Here.
To Register for the Find Your Flow with Nature's Timings Jan 14th Click Here. 




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