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Akashic Record Consultations

What are the Akashic Records?

Simply stated, the Akashic Records represent the history of your soul and the energetic blueprint attached to your soul. When your soul chose to incarnate as you, an energetic vessel of light was created to hold all of your human experiences, and just as your fingerprints are unique to only you, your Akasha is a unique energetic frequency specific only to you. Information about your life, your thoughts, actions, emotions, and experiences are imprinted energetically in your personal Akasha and added to the archive of your soul.

Why access my Akashic Records?

If you have curiosity about or have been led to explore your Akashic Records, then part of your soul is nudging you towards shifting something that has been limiting your experience of life. It could have to do with your relationships, career, health or other key area of life.

All souls incarnate with a goal of knowing the full potential of their co-creative power as a divine being, as an extension of god, source, the universe. So, if you are not living the life you think you could be living, the Akashic Records are a gentle way to explore what is keeping you from living in harmony and joy. As a spiritual healing tool, the records also provide a loving environment to heal and consciously shift energies attached to your soul’s experience in this, and perhaps other, lifetimes.

What can I expect in an Akashic Records Consultation?

You will be asked to prepare up to 3 questions for an hour long session. These questions should focus on what is most important to you right now in your life. What area needs attention? Are you noticing any patterns in your relationships, experiences etc.? With your permission, your records will be opened, and only information relevant to your questions will be shown and communicated to you. Sessions occur as a 2-way dialogue between you and your records keepers/guardians, via Andra. Where healing opportunities are presented, you will be invited to participate. Coaching will be provided for integrating the information provided. Please note: when we open a person’s records for the first time, much information becomes available and is channeled to you as appropriate. You are encouraged to record your session, or take notes, that you can refer to after your session.

Is one session enough or will I need more?

Once you start working in your Akashic Records, and depending on where you are on your soul’s journey, you will know when to consult your records as your relationship with your Self deepens and as you come to know your full divine essence and potential. This is done at your level of comfort, and at your pace. If you know you are interested in more than one session, inquire about setting up a package. There are also opportunities to learn to read your own records - if you are called to do so, please inquire.

Investment: $150 (+HST) for one hour consultation.
Call 416 516 2191 to book
Email andra@therockstore.ca for questions
Practitioner: Andra Evans

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