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Uranus Conjunct Sun & Square Saturn April 26th, 2020

26. April 2020

A Precursor of Times to Come ⁠
♅ Uranus Conjunct ☉ Sun & Square ♄ Saturn ⁠

The planet of sudden surprises meets up with the Sun in Taurus at 4:47 AM Sunday while confronting Saturn in Aquarius in square with an orb of 4 degrees. This is a powerful foreshadowing of energy that we will get more acquainted with in 2021 when Uranus and Saturn meet in confrontation three times. ⁠As Pluto Saturn was the transit of 2020, Uranus Saturn square will be the theme of 2021.

This energy was activated recently on the New Moon in Taurus which is bringing Uranian energy to our individual and societal landscape. ⁠This transit this weekend will feel like a rise in new energy away from the Plutonic & Saturnian power and destruction themes we have felt in 2020. 

The prediction? Thats the funny thing, Uranus will always surprise us. 

We can form a general possibility of what that new idea, that bomb, or surprise may be, but Uranus refuses to be bound in advance to any potentials or links to the past. Individually this will be very unique per person. ⁠

Uranus is the breaker of chains, the freedom seeker, the lightning bolt, the surprise bomb, and sudden idea that urges expression. ⁠Uranus does not consider who gets hurt in the process or the aftermath or potential destruction. It has one function to fulfill and that is to release tension. 

With the beautiful conjunction between Uranus and the Sun on April 26th, we are offered an opportunity of RENEWAL. The planet of awareness, freedom, & awakening, is forming an alliance with your SOLAR nature, your individual purpose & essential core value, offering us a REINVENTION of SELF. This sense of renewal invites us to move towards flexibility, health, vitality, adaptability, to roll with new ideas, while releasing the stuck areas of life. It creates tension within who we are, that wants to break free from the construct of the soul’s purpose & form a new pathway of existence. ⁠

Are we expressing everything outward into the world that, that resides within? The tensions that are being held will be released. That is the PROMISE of Uranus. He is the Truth teller. ⁠Are we stuck in old ways of being, that are based on old paradigms? Have we been resistant to change and harnessing our true future? We will find out.... and the answer from Uranus's perspective is Yes. Yes you have... because there is always a new pathway to be formed that creates an awakened expression of self, one that is not limited to Saturn's past an upbringing, the traumas of your parents, your own phobias and traditions, and cultural biases.

Squaring with Saturn this weekend, we may feel like we can not be confined any longer within our homes and within our old ways of being. We may feel a rise in nervous and electric energy within the body to have our freedom of movement back. With the square, we are being asked to resolve the habits, the structures within your individual lives that hold you back, and the behaviours that feed your fears and keep you unhealthy. Time for a new reality. ⁠

Take this Sun Uranus Relationship as a True New Beginning, and a glimpse at 2021. We get one a year. Try it out. ⁠

With Love,
From Samantha

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