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    A natal chart is a snap shot of the placement of the planets relative to your position on earth at the moment you were born. This chart shows the patterns in your life and personality that enable you to grow and learn. Having your natal chart read can shed light on your strengths, areas for growth, relationship patterns, career potentials, family dynamics and the shadow self with lessons associated with them.

    In this session, you will receive a copy of your natal chart. We will focus the majority of the session going through the natal chart and the lessons, potentials and dynamics that exist within it. We will also take a look at upcoming major life transits and the current themes and lessons affecting the life. The goal of this session if to provide the client with an objective view of their constitution in life and support them in making choices. Feel free to audio record the session. 

    Session Length: Between 60 - 90 MINS

    Cost: $195 + HST 

    Question frequently asked: "Can I come again?" There is so much information available in the natal chart that repeat sessions are always available. Feel free to book repeat sessions. Lady Samantha recommends seeing an astrologer yearly to support understanding lessons for the year ahead and what is upcoming. 

    Practitioners Available: Samantha 
    *All Astrological Consultations must be prepaid upon booking an appointment. The Astrologer will start the work on your chart once the booking comes in. We require 5 days lead time between booking and the appointment time to allocate to work on the chart. 
    Please note: Astrological Consultations are non refundable should you choose to cancel your appointment to account for the work on your natal chart. 

    Please provide your birth data upon booking registration. (date of birth, Time of birth, and location.) Please note, we are not able to provide a natal chart reading without the time of birth. 

    For questions please email rocks@therockstore.ca
    Please allow 48 hours response to prepaying for your session before receiving an email.

    Thank you!