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2020 Themes: The Dark Face of Entitlement

30. January 2020

How Entitled Delusion Can be Mistaken for Taking Personal Authority

Trigger Warning: This article's intent is to encourage the evaluation of our individual shadows and integrate what is unconscious and projected into our understanding of self. 

Recently on January 12th, we experienced the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The union between these two planets has set in motion their joint plan for collective and personal transformation. This rare conjunction will play out in our lives in the days and months ahead - reaping its effects for years to come. 

Capricorn Blog - The Dark Face of EntitlementSimultaneously, we are also experiencing Jupiter moving through Capricorn for most of 2020, forming a conjunction with Pluto in the early spring and late fall. This will bring  further attention and awareness to power dynamics in our life: where we abuse power and where we give it away. Therefore, the themes that these three large planets - Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter - bring forward are so very important and crucial to pay attention to. These transits highlight where entitlement, narcissism, and bypassing play out in our lives. 

Entitlement represents where in our lives we feel deserving, where in our lives we demand service and care from others; stomping our feet with an “it’s all about me” slogan, and “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is also mine” mentality. Entitlement can be an extremely obvious and loud in an energetic signature that is characterized by selfish and lazy behaviour. However, it can also be a subtle current hidden amongst the so called “enlightened individuals”;  the intelligent academics, the meek, the victimized, and several others that do not fit into these categories. In some form or another, a person may engage in an entitled way when there is an overlap of inequality that is riddled with power and subservience, and their actions come with bypassing justifications that further the delusional belief that their behaviours are deservingly warranted. So what does all of this mean? It means that an entitled person is someone who is not taking responsibility in their lives and is demanding with self-justified conviction, that others, the Universe, the law, or society should be responsible for them.  

What all entitled behaviour has in common is the lack of personal accountability and growing up. It demonstrates how we are still projecting ourselves through our childhood paradigms in which the universe revolved around us, which continues to play out in our adult life. Whether parent(s) or caregivers overemphasized, over exaggerated, or continuously rewarded the child’s accomplishments without allowing for frustration, effort, and development, or the child’s needs for emotional support and structure were not met due to childhood trauma with a  lack of the basic needs of life, both scenarios can lead to entitled behaviour in adult life and inhibit the individual from taking personal responsibility in order to move forward. Without growing up, we maintain the childlike view that we are at the centre of the Universe, therefore we cannot truly become a support for others. We cannot become responsible for others or our environment, and we cannot become successful contributing members of our societal system. We remain as children, dependent on others. 

With these transits making their way through Capricorn, they oppose Cancer within our most intimate spaces.  Capricorn and Cancer represent the archetypes, and their planetary rulers, of the traditional Father (Saturn) and Mother (Moon).  It opposes and illuminates what came with us from our past, our relationship to our first love (archetypal mother) and first support (archetypal father), and their traumas. It shows us how we continue to live out these dynamics in our lives and how they have been unconsciously operating through us. We now have the opportunity with Pluto to transform them through becoming aware of them ( Jupiter), owning them ( Saturn), letting go (Pluto),  and finding the most responsible way through these lessons. 

Entitlement is ingrained in us as children and therefore it becomes the duty of responsible loving parents to teach us how to grow up to truly become whole, compassionate, empathetic, and caring beyond our own needs which ultimately leads to us becoming responsible and wise parents of our own children, our communities, and of the world. It puts our dependents and the collective society at the forefront of importance in our lives, knowing how important it is for each one of us to make a difference. 

Capricorn with its ruler Saturn is represented by the archetype of the old man, the man who understands the limited nature that life presents, bound by time. Saturn seeks for us to learn about our limitations through our fears, our doubts, and to take personal responsibility moving towards them; getting up close and personal with where we find the most discomfort.  Saturn urges us to move towards these uncomfortable facets of our lives with effort, rather than hide them out of sight from ourselves and others. The liability of doing so will be the repetition of these lessons and traumas, and their potential of crystallization as time passes, making it harder to heal and move through. In other words; the traumas, the ignored lessons materialize through the earth element, in our bodies, in our structures, and our platform - making it more difficult  to change. 

The way through these limitations, traumas, fears ,and doubts, no matter the severity is through asking ourselves:  What am I going to do about it now?  How am I going to change it?All with the understanding that NOBODY else can do it for you. And most importantly - what impact does this have on the people around me?  How do I care for them while making these changes?

This is how Saturn urges you to grow up and take responsibility. It means creating a moral compass and value system that questions and regulates delusion and entitled childlike narcissist states, a value system that you adhere to, without imposing it on anyone else; a set of values or even personal rules you have learned through your own experiences by clearly seeing the patterns of your own projections.  Capricorn in its most unevolved state becomes entitled through the wisdom it believes to have learned with an urge to constantly tell others what to do. It is the domineering controlling archetypal father; the “know it all”.  

So what is the secret to becoming authority? The secret of growing up and becoming an authority is simple: keep it to yourself, let your wisdom stew within you, with a flexibility inherent of growth. Figure out how to be accountable to yourself and gradually, an inner gratification will emerge that tempers the desire to constantly tell others what they are doing wrong or what they should do, which ultimately takes away other people’s power.  A true father supports his children as the container of acceptance that encourages the child to figure out the solution themselves. 

In conclusion, these transits seek to bring up our darkest of limitations, where we have been wounded, where we have suffered trauma, or been mistreated. These transits can bring up power dynamics playing out in life that mirror the unhealthy dynamics of our childhood, whether there was a lack or an abundance of attention. These transits can trigger us deep into our relationships with our parents and family. We have the choice to to deny, to project and continue the cycle, or we can look at these lessons and own them, to move through the deepest parts of them, to endure and persevere through them with continued effort and examination, all while being responsible for those we impact with our actions.

With Love,
From Samantha

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