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  • Turquoise - Tumble PENDANT
  • Turquoise - Tumble PENDANT
  • Turquoise - Tumble PENDANT

Turquoise - Tumble PENDANT

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    Brings together the energy of father sky and Mother Earth. A master healer, it tones and strengthens the entire body, while aligning and increasing energy levels. Brings loving communication skills to emotional issues, creativity and intuition. Cleanses and protects all energy centres. Encourages creative expression and peace of mind. 

    Each piece is slightly different in size and colouring as they are all natural and tumbled. Please allow variation in what is received. Some are more blue and some are more greenish. They also have matrix on them in some cases. 

    Origin: Mexico

    Pendant comes alone. Select a variant to add the string to your purchase. (additional cost).

    The chain best seller for this size of pendant is 24". Please consult our silver chains page HERE to add this option to your order.