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  • The Witches' Purse #2

The Witches' Purse #2

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    The Earth’s Wealth and Bounty,
    Be Bestowed with Generosity,
    Teaching of Responsibility,
    The Will of Witches’ Prosperity.

    Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

    By Lady Samantha 
    Coven TCOTM

    Citrine and Burmese Jade work well together offering an extremely strong abundance energy to your field, charged in the waxing energies of the moon, creating during the harvest period of the Great Mother. 

    Spell Recommendations: Activate during a waxing moon on a Thursday with a green Prosperity Candle. 

    Abundance Recipe: Pair Witches' Purse with Red Garnet, Pyrite and Clear Quartz.

    Easy to wear jewellery-elastic cord. Do not wear in water.

    SIZE 1 ONLY. 

    Size 1 fits 6 to 6 1/2" wrists