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    Open the door to the ancient Norse world of magic and spirituality with The Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch. The ancient religion of Northern Europe was one of remarkable strength and power, as well as magic and beauty. Its adherents were themselves a solid and adventurous lot: the Norse, Slavs, Germans, ancient Russians, and of course, the Vikings.

    The Rites of Odin is a complete sourcebook that brings the ancient values back to these turbulent times. What you read here is poetic and powerful, perfect for groups who have chose to follow the Old Ways, for families who wish to be unified by warm and close ceremonies, and for the solitary seeker.

    - The history and philosophy of ancient Norse magic made practical for today
    - Basic ritual preparation and design
    - Seasonal festivals for groups, families, and individuals
    - Protection rites
    - Wedding rites
    - Norse lore
    - The Runes: their symbolism and use in divination
    - A Rune-Talisman rite
    - Crafting a drinking horn
    - Brewing your own mead

    The Rites of Odin puts forth the message, in rites, practice, and background lore, that you are uniquely important. You are in charge of your own destiny. The family and friends who constitute your "extended family" are also important: by working together and helping one another, all of you can prosper and be happy.