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    A Compatibility Relationship Astrology Consultation analyzes and interprets the way the planets in your astrology chart interact with those in another’s – whether that be a lover, a friend, or a parent.

    Using synastry to do chart-on-chart comparison shows how you will receive one another, including triggers, supports, and major areas of potential and struggle.

    We will also employ composite chart analysis when both birth times are available. A composite chart is the birth chart of the relationship. It can show how the relationship functions, its goals and longevity. 

    This 75-minute reading also reveals potential relationship issues within your own chart, revealing the condition of Venus and your 7th house, which can result in patterns you repeat over multiple relationships.

    Please provide your birth data upon booking registration. (date of birth, Time of birth, and location.) We will require your complete birth data. 

    - Please include the birth data for the significant other when booking
    - Feel free to include more than one partner's birth data however prep time will be split between them 
    - Time of birth is not required for the partner however for accurate compatibility analysis, it is recommended 
    - Feel free to ask specific questions at the time of booking 

    Session Length: 75 MINS 
    Cost: $225 + HST 
    Prices in Canadian Dollars. 
    Sessions are available on Zoom. 

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    Samantha has been involved in the study of astrology since 2010. She is the vision behind The Rock Store and has used astrology personally to manage and implement her vision from its earlier beginnings. She blends her intuitive nature and sensitivity, her joy to be of service, and extensive astrological knowledge into each and every reading. It is her joy and pleasure to be able to offer this service to you at this time. 

    For questions please email rocks@therockstore.ca

    Thank you!

    Astrology Readings are non-refundable for any reason. 

    Astrology Appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours or no show on the same day will NOT be rescheduled nor refunded. Rescheduling Policy: Please understand that if you reschedule with at least 24 - 48 hours notice before your appointment, it may take one month to receive your rescheduled appointment. Rescheduling an appointment can only be done through email correspondence. A second reschedule will not be permitted and the session will not be refunded. Please respect your session time and Samantha's time and effort to offer these services to the community.