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    Reiki is soul force causal energy. It stems from the highest dimension of universal light. This hands on healing technique can affect the spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical body in an individualized experience. Each Session involves a laying on of Crystals (for in store sessions only). 

    When booking please click on the right link and practitioner. 

    60 mins $100 + HST
    90 mins $135.00 + HST (save $15 + HST)


    In person Reiki sessions are held in one of our beautiful treatment rooms at our Harbord Street location. The sessions will involve a laying on of crystals. Please arrive on time a few mins early to acclimatize to the space and sign the waiver.

    For distance sessions please click here. 

    Practitioners Available: 

    Gregmar NewmanGregmar Newman
    I can safely say that my life has been divided into before Reiki and after Reiki. My spiritual journey started with Reiki and I haven’t looked back since. Reiki taught me the true meaning of trusting and letting go. I see Reiki as a very powerful, yet gentle way to bring more balance, healing and harmony into our life. I try to weave my knowledge as a Yoga and Ayurveda educator into my Reiki sessions to support people in exploring ways of living in alignment with their True Self. It’s an honour and a privilege to share Reiki with my clients. Available for in store sessions. 

    Picture of Jennifer - Reiki PractitionerJennifer Faraone
    I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity and accessibility of reiki. Rather than trying to explain or understand its’ healing potential, I simply lean into wherever it takes me, knowing that it always ends up taking me to the place where it’s needed most. So much can be uncovered when we simply allow ourselves to be open and observe with curiosity. One of my most profound teachings with reiki has been the ability to surrender and trust; and I am honoured to help others connect to reiki and support them during their own journey. Available for in store and DISTANCE sessions. 


    Prepaid Sessions are Nonrefundable and must be used within one year of purchase.
    Please arrive a few minutes early to acclimatize to the space and be on time as our sessions start on time. 
    Please respect our practitioners time and allow 24 hour notice for cancellation. Cancellations under 24 hours will not be refunded or rescheduled.