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    Mugwort is an herb used for protection and also for lucid dreaming. Place in a small sachet or pouch under the pillow to ward off bad dreams, or stimulate your dream work.

    Hanging mugwort over or on a door will keep unwelcome energies from passing through. Mugwort is also used in protective, especially those created in relation to travel. It is said to prevent delays, and other annoyances associated with traveling, as well as to protect the traveler from accidents, thieves and other dangers associated with traveling.

    This mugwort is sold loosely in 1 oz bags.

    This herb is for magical purposes only. DO NOT ingest this herb into the body. This herb can have many side effects. Use Only in sachets and pouches.  

    The Rock Store Inc. does not claim efficacy in any intention or spell work. By purchasing this product, the user understands they are responsible for their own spiritual and magical practice.