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  • Meteorite Raw PENDANT

Meteorite Raw PENDANT

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    These meteorite fragments are RARE and difficult to source. There are limited quantities available as a result. 

    It comes from debris from comets and asteroids that fall from outer space. As they come into our atmosphere, the material around it heats up. What doesn't get burned off when it enters the atmosphere is primarily Iron. 

    They are really supportive for intense experiences of stress, physical injuries, and mental growth. It is a very primal energy that can stimulate our instincts, and increase bravery and courage. A great stone for fear. 

    Iron can naturally rust and therefore a small amount of mineral oil was applied when found. If exposed to elements and not worn, we recommend keeping in a plastic bag. If worn, your natural skin oil will ensure the iron stays the same. 

    Each piece is different. 

    Origin: Campo Del Cielo, Argentina

    Size: Approx  1 inch

    The pendant comes on a string with a clasp.

    The chain is sold separately. The chain best seller for this size of pendant is 22". Please consult our silver chains page HERE to add this option to your order.