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Larvikite -(m)

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    Sometimes called Black Moonstone, this stone is particularly helpful for bringing a stillness and protection to the mind, specifically as it relates to intentions. It protects by repelling and neutralizing external spells or intentions to free the mind, and facilitate the experiences of 'deep mind': astral travel deep meditation, self-reflection, and past life recall. 

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    This tumble stone is medium sized (approximately 1"). **Please note that due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size. Our sizing of the stones are close approximations.

    Disclaimer: Working with crystals and stones is a spiritual practice and we cannot guarantee any stone will have an impact on the individual's physical or mental health. We can not make any guarantee or claim that crystals and stones will have physical impacts on the body or illnesses. This is a personal practice of connecting to the Earth through their energies and should not be a substitute for traditional medicine. The practice of connecting with crystals and stones is a practice that is very individual between you and the Earth through the mineral kingdom and one that is developed over time.