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    All numbers have an intrinsic energy, from the date of your birth to the number of your home. In Focus Numerology offers the information you need to understand the significance of numbers in your life.

    This beautifully illustrated, intuitively designed numerology guide includes an 18 × 24–inch wall chart.

    For millennia, people have been using numerology to explore the destiny of not only people but also life events, relationships, home moves, business ventures, new pets, and anything else that has a name or starting date strongly associated with it. There are many techniques for using numerology, each of which provides insight into a different aspect of one’s character or fate.

    Sasha Fenton, a lifelong expert in the psychic arts, provides simple yet thorough guidance for these techniques, including finding the Destiny Number, the Life Path Number, and the Heart Number, as well as divining your fortune for the year, month, day, and even hour.

    Written by Sasha Fenton