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    With nothing more than a sincerely asked question, horary astrology can help you locate anything that has been lost. Renowned astrologer Anthony Louis shares dozens of charts taken from astrological literature and his own practice, complete with in-depth explanations of how to read them. Covering a wide variety of situations, from misplaced cell phones to missing persons, these charts help practitioners of all levels to improve their skills.

    Sharing the well-established methods of influential astrologers, such as seventeenth-century author William Lilly, this book delves deeply into the most helpful ways to work with the relevant houses and aspects. You'll discover revelatory ideas for exploring planetary keywords, retrograde significators, combustion, colors, lunar nodes, and much more. Horary Astrology also presents excerpts from classic astrological works and insights from contemporary astrologers, making it your go-to resource for reaping the practical benefits of this exciting approach to astrology.

    Written by Anthony Louis