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    An in-depth but highly readable account of Pluto in the natal chart and how Pluto aspects can affect childhood, adulthood, and life in general.

    Pluto's energy is extremely potent and powerful. Within Astrology, it is considered to be a "generational planet" as it influences both individuals and entire generations. The planet governs our compulsive behavior, all those things we know we shouldn't do but feel compelled to do anyway. It also represents the hidden dimension of our emotional lives, all the parts of ourselves that we'd rather bury in our subconscious and not reveal to others.

    In Healing Pluto Problems, Donna Cunningham explains how Pluto functions in the birth chart and shows how Plutonian problems can manifest. Cunningham presents her material with warmth and compassion, without avoiding the tough lessons that Pluto has to offer.

    Written by Donna Cunningham