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Goldsheen Obsidian Palm

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    Aids in reclaiming personal power and using it for the higher good. It allows one to be more conscious in the use of that power aligning the will with Divine intent and connecting to the Earth for healing purposes. Aids in digestive disorders, ulcers, reflux and other areas of the stomach. Ideal for the enhancement of one's clarity and purpose. This stone also supports those times of nervousness, and anxiety that affects the stomach.

    Affirmation: I heal all past abuses that are related to my personal power and bring myself into alignment with how my will manifests as a divine representation of Divine Will. 

    It is approximately 4.25" long. It is a palm stone shape, feels like a large egg shape sitting in your hand. We have Qty 3 pieces that are basically identical. 

    Weight: 241 grams 
    Origin: Mexico