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    Brings together the energies of the earth and sun. Encourages stability (earth) and enhances psychic abilities and ambition. Enhances personal power and will, clears perception and insight, softens stubbornness and balances emotions. Stimulates wealth and helps maintain it. A stone of optimism, courage and strength. Carries the energy of the tiger spirit.

    Silicon dioxide. A lovely energy amplifier, clears and activates the chakras, enhances and protects the aura. Carried or placed in one’s environment will assist in maintaining balance, energy and protection. Clears the choices ahead of you! Clears and balances all chakras.

    Stones: Golden Tiger's Eye + QUARTZ 6 mm Round 

    Bracelets are sold individually. Please allow for natural variations in colour.

    Please do not wear in water. Comes on jewellery elastic. Roll your bracelets off. Do not stretch. 

    ONE SIZE ONLY fits 6"-6.5" wrist