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  • Generational Healing Private Online Sessions
  • Generational Healing Private Online Sessions

Generational Healing Private Online Sessions

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    Generational Healing®

    We all carry trauma from our ancestors that remain unhealed and present in our DNA. Your DNA holds subtle energies of memories and experiences that your ancestors have lived. These continue to influence and impact how you experience your daily life, until you come forward to heal. I invite you to heal the trauma carried within your bloodline in support of you, your family, and the planet.

    Your Distance Generational Healing® Session:

    Prior to your session, you will provide your birth name, birth location, and a photograph clearly showing your eyes. This will be used to facilitate your session at a distance. During your distance Generational Healing® Session, you will lie down in your home in a peaceful, quiet space, without interruptions. You will remove all your metal jewelry. You may wish to place an eye mask or soft cloth over your eyes while you receive healing. Then, Vanessa will invite one of your ancestors to come forward to receive healing. As she is guided, the subtle energies share with her what your ancestor experienced and what they have come forward to heal. You will lie down for 1 hour and then join a 30 minute zoom video call where you will share your experience receiving and Vanessa will share with you what has come forward to be healed within you and your lineage. After your session, you will receive recordings of the Generational Healing® session as well as our conversation on zoom.

    The best way to receive is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestor to receive the healing for the trauma that they desire to be released, and so you can experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, and more at ease. In every session, one ancestor comes forward to heal one trauma that is currently being experienced by you.

    What can be healed?

    - physical pain that you carry from an ancestor
    - mental trauma that your ancestor is asking to be healed
    - emotional trauma that is causing you to feel the way you do
    - spiritual wounds that keep you feeling lost and uncertain of your purpose and destiny

    Reg Price $165 + HST.

    Appointments will be scheduled according to availability. You will be provided with a link by email to set up your appointment from Vanessa@therockstore.ca

    Vanessa Benlolo is a Professionally Trained & Certified Generational Healer™, Generational Healing™ Teacher and Spiritual Guide. Vanessa Benlolo is also a Biological Engineer who has been interested in the effects and transference of trauma through the bloodline for decades.

    For sessions purchased online, please allow 24-48 hours for the practitioner to contact you directly. 

    Policy: In respect of our practitioners time, please allow 24 hours notice cancellation. Sessions are nonrefundable with adequate notice of reschedule.