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    This resin has been sited back to the bible as a holy resin. It was one of the gifts the magi gave to Jesus to bless him as the new king. Can be used for many reasons but usually used in conjunction as scent can be quite strong. This frankincense resin is sold loosely in 1 oz bags.

    How to use: Melt into a charcoal disk, to receive the smoke. 


    • adds potency to any spell work
    • brings masculine energy
    • purifying sacred spaces
    • healing sachets
    • increases intuition
    • offering to the Gods
    • clearing a space
    This resin is for magical and ceremonial purposes only. DO NOT ingest this into the body. Use Only in sachets, pouches and as an incense. This resin can have many side effects if ingested. The Rock Store Inc. does not claim efficacy in any intention or spell work. By purchasing this product, the user understands they are responsible for their own spiritual and magical practice.