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    Copal is a natural tree resin that is between two states—it is neither a hardened resin nor sap. Copal resin comes from trees in the Buresa family, which is considered a medicinal tree to the Mayas in southern Mexico. These medicinal trees are traditionally used for clearing the body of diseases and also to keep mosquitos away.
    Since ancient times, Copal incense has been considered sacred to the people of Mexico, as well as South and Central America. It goes as far back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures.  Mass amounts of copal resin were burned atop the Aztec and Mayan pyramids as offerings to the gods and deities. In the Mayan ruins, copal was discovered in the burial grounds, proving its spiritual significance.


    • transform sacred space
    • ritual use
    • consecration

    To use: Melt into a Charcoal Disk in a firesafe container. 

      This resin is for magical purposes only. DO NOT ingest this resin into the body. Use Only in sachets, pouches, and as an incense. This resin can have many side effects if ingested. The Rock Store Inc. does not claim efficacy in any intention or spell work. By purchasing this product, the user understands they are responsible for their own spiritual and magical practice.