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    Charcoal Disks are used with Resin only. 

    Please read the following to ensure safety. 
    Charcoal disks can stay very hot up to 1.5 hours. They should be placed in a cast iron cauldron or a firesafe burning pot with sand in the bottom.  NOT SUITABLE for abalone shells. 

    Hold a flame to a charcoal disk until it sparks and the sparks run all the way through the disk. Give the charcoal disk a min or so to heat up. Place a small amount of resin. The resin will melt into the disk and the smoke and aroma will start to be produced. If you wish to stop the smoke, place the lid on top of the cauldron, should a cauldron be used. After the resin has completely melted, the smoke will stop but the charcoal disk will remain hot and another piece of resin can be added. 

    Please do not leave charcoal disks unattended while lit. 

    Cauldron in photo not included. 

    The resins we have available are Myrrh, frankincense, copal, and Dragon's Blood on our Ceremonial Herbs Page.