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    Rose, Cinnamon, Jasmine Color - 

    Turning Thoughts Into Desire. Whether you are a long-married couple or a new love interest, ignite an electric attraction between you, creating a passionate experience. Enchant each other by awakening the sensuality hidden deep within and fill each other with the gifts of admiration and desire. We are the enchanter and the enchanted. Desires feed upon each other with every thought and action. The beauty and admiration of this moment mesmerizes. We move with the dance of passion.

    Recommend Time of Use: During the waxing period on the day of Venus or the 1st Quarter waxing at 8pm or midnight.

    Please never leave a burning candle unattended. If burning the candle for ritual purposes, please enclose the candle in a vase that is at least 5 inches taller than the flame. We recommend also having 2-4mm of water in the vase at the base of the candle to keep the vase from heating up.