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Black Tourmaline Raw - $29

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    Offers a strong protective field that deflects harmful energies (spirits) and spells, deflects radiation. Increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intelligence. Keeps ones spirit uplifted and grounded in any situation.

    Highly Protective on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. Pair with a lighter stone as can fear very dense in nature because of how protective it is. 

    This Black Tourmaline has Mica laced throughout. The weight depends on the amount of Mica. 

    *Please note that due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size. Our sizing of the stones are close approximations.

    Weight: 120 - 170 grams
    Length: 2-4 Inches
    Location: Brazil 
    Sold Individually

    Protection Recipe: Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Clear Quartz + Witches Wand Mongolian Black Quartz. Optional - Smokey Quartz. 

    Disclaimer: Working with crystals and stones is a spiritual practice and we cannot guarantee any stone will have an impact on the individual's physical or mental health. We can not make any guarantee or claim that crystals and stones will have physical impacts on the body or illnesses. This is a personal practice of connecting to the Earth through their energies and should not be a substitute for traditional medicine.