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    You don't have to belong to a coven to practice magic. You may prefer to walk the magical path alone, connecting to a rich and ancient heritage of solo magic users. The wise woman, the druid, the hermit, the wizard, and the shaman all connect to their magical energy in a "group" of one. With only yourself to rely on, magic becomes an introspective act. Commune with nature on your own and form a deeper, stronger connection with the stars, the sun, and the moon.

    Heal yourself

    Gain peace from stress

    Find ways of coping with the turmoil of modern life

    Learn to heal with herbs

    See into the future Connect with nature

    Talk to trees

    Follow the patterns of the stars, the cycle of the sun and the moon

    A Witch Alone is a valuable guide, full of lessons and spells for the solo Wiccan. Each chapter examines a different part of the pagan path, including information about herbs, the Healing Arts, Moon Magic and Solar Cycles, and recovering the "Old Ways." If you're intent on walking your path alone, A Witch Alone is the only companion you'll need for the journey.

    Written by Marian Green