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Each student will get a copy of this waiver prior to class. A completed and signed copy is required for attendance. 

Whenever we engage in a healing modality, meditation or a spiritual practice, we invite change and growth to occur in our life. There can be side effects to that invitation whether they are positive, like feeling good everyday, or negative, like experiencing anger and irritation. Whenever we invite healing and growth to incur, a detoxification period can occur and we can re-experience symptoms as they leave our body.  Those side effects can be felt on the emotional, spiritual, physical levels of being. Therefore we advise the participants to always take extra care while engaging in any meditation practice or healing modality and practice non-judgment, self care and self love. 

Please read the following course information and policies. All registrants in this program will be required to fill out a student information form and liability waiver before starting the program. 


The Crystal Awakenings Classes, designed by The Rock Store Inc. focuses on personal development, self awareness and self purification. This is considered a form of ‘alternative energy healing’. Alternative Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice and treatment. It is only part of a well-rounded approach to healthy living. The Rock Store and its staff are not licensed in the medical field nor do they diagnose or prescribe any medications for any conditions nor do they diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. The Rock Store and all the Workshop Events should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice from your physician. Please contact a qualified, licensed physician for any illness or disease




CA102 $170 + HST
CA103 $170 + HST
CA104 $170 + HST
CA105 $200 + HST

Crystal Awakenings Certification Package ( CA102 - CA105) $599 + HST save $111 + HST This Package is for students who want to complete the certificate program and commit to going through the entire process. 

These courses must be taken in the order in which they appear here. They cannot be taken through correspondence and physical attendance in the class is mandatory to move to the next level. All course work must be submitted by the due dates set by the teacher to receive the Crystal Awakenings Certification. 

Workshop Policy: 
Full Payment required for registration
Cancellation with 14+ Days Notice: Full Store Credit towards Product or Service
Cancellation with Less then 14 Days Notice: Store Credit minus 20% for administrative fee
Cancellation with less then 3 days: Store credit of 30% of the total price will be issued to be used towards a product or service. 
Same Day/No Show Cancellation: No Credit/No Refund for any reason

Although we understand life situations and emergencies do arise that can inhibit attendance, please understand we allocate resources to make these services available to the community and have therefore chosen policies to reflect our investments and efforts to make these services available. Thank you in advance for understanding. 

Certification Policy and Missed Classes: 
The certification course package is not transferable. 
Switching modules once you have started the module is not permitted for any reason. 
Missed classes will forfeit their package rate and the student will have to pay a single course rate plus the savings from the package rate ( $111 + HST) to enter another class within the next module. 

Students that miss a class and wish to continue within the same module may opt to pay for a private class with one of our crystal awakenings teacher 
assistants. The price for the private make up class is $390 + HST. Please note, no credit for the missed class will be given towards the private class payment. 


Each student will be required to fill out a student information sheet with Name, email, birth date, and read and sign the waiver.  It will be emailed before CA101 begins. The waiver is as follows: 

I hereby agree to the following:
  1. I am participating in the CRYSTAL AWAKENINGS classes during which I will receive information and instruction about how to work with crystals, their mineralogical and esoteric properties and engage in meditation with and without stones. I represent and warrant that I have no physical or mental health condition that would prevent my safe participation in these classes.
  2. By signing this Waiver, I (student at THE ROCK STORE INC.), acknowledge that I am in good health and in proper physical and mental condition to participate in this course, and I assume all risk, and take full responsibility; waiving any claims of personal injury, disability, sickness, loss or damage to person or property inherent in, and/or in any way connected with participating in these classes at the facility, or unforeseeable mental, emotional, or physical challenge or disease associated with said classes, as taught by THE ROCK STORE INC.
  3. I knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly waive any claim I may have against the representative of The Rock Store Inc. and the CRYSTAL AWAKENINGS CERTIFICATION COURSE, the class instructor, the owner, or the leaseholder of the building for injuries or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in classes or workshops held at The Rock Store Inc.
  4. I knowingly understand that working with crystals and developing a meditation practice can have a very real effect on the mental, physical and emotional body, especially as the commitment to personal growth and purification deepens.
  5. I understand I am recommended to be gentle with myself as my journey unfolds while working with stones and take full ownership for my participation of starting a relationship with crystals.
I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.
Printed Name: __________________________________
Signature: _________________________________Date: ______________