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Chrysocolla - 10mm A+ Round

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    Revitalizes and calms all the chakras allowing their energy to be strong, grounding and balancing. Helps ease emotional heartache to increase one's capacity to love. At the throat it strengthens thoughtful communication and expression when silence is necessary. It helps one to be more attended to the earth and what is needed to help heal it. Is a throat and heart chakra stone that helps with voice projection and articulation of intention. Useful for those who have difficulty finding their words and  public speaking.

    Stone: Chrysocolla, 10 mm Round A+
    Sold Individually

    Easy to wear jewellery-elastic cord. Do not wear in water.


    Size 1 fits 6 to 6 1/2" wrists

    *Do not place in water. 

    Disclaimer: Working with crystals and stones is a spiritual practice and we cannot guarantee any stone will have an impact on the individual's physical or mental health. We can not make any guarantee or claim that crystals and stones will have physical impacts on the body or illnesses. This is a personal practice of connecting to the Earth through their energies and should not be a substitute for traditional medicine.