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VENUS RETROGRADE | The Lover's Shadow Oct 5th - Nov 15th

06. October 2018

Between Oct 5th to Nov 15th the planet Venus will be in retrograde between 10 degrees of Scorpio to 25 degrees of Libra. Venus retrograde is a time when Venus appears to move backwards in the sky. Retrogrades tend to focus their energy inward or dedicate their energy to redoing, reworking, and / or revisiting a theme or lesson that needs work / attention / or energy directed upon.  

Venus is a fiery lustful planet named after the Roman Goddess of Love. She holds the energy of beauty, values, romantic love, your physical partner, your sexual energy, your esthetic preference, and how your beauty may show up in the world, which is dependent upon where Venus lies within your natal chart and in what sign. With Her, she can also bring jealousy, envy, narcissism, and overemphasis on possessions and beauty. We all know the tale of Aphrodite, a bringer of beauty and grace, yet also consumed by her desire to be the most beautiful and the most sought after. In this we can see there are evolutions and lessons available with this planet and points of growth within our own natal chart. 

As this Venus Retrograde moves through Scorpio and Libra we will be asked to look at our values, relationships, how we love and are loved, and our association with our aesthetics and possessions. We may be asked to revisit a lesson within partnership or past partnerships that need to be acknowledged for growth and consciousness. We may be asked by this firey planet to revisit how we value ourselves deeply and intimately, how we care for ourselves, with a more thorough look at our triggers and our darkest shadows, especially our partnerships. 

For some this transit may not feel so smooth, depending on the aspects Venus encounters, bringing with it disputes, and some uglies we wished were locked away. We may have a lover from our past return to clear the air or rehash a conflict with the opportunity for self learning. If this retrograde is positive, it may support or redefine beauty in your lives or request a deepening of love with ease. It may also bring a new lover!  With either case, this retrograde offers us a chance with its movement to grow in how love operates within us. So take time to value yourself, add a little extra beauty and self care and take a look at how you offer that beauty to others. 

To see if Venus retrograde hits your chart at a hard angle look to the  planets in the sign of Aquarius, Taurus and Leo between 10 degrees and Capricorn / Aries and Cancer at 25 degrees. 

By Lady Samantha 

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