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Venus Retrograde 2021 - The Power of Love

12. December 2021

🖤Venus ♀︎ Pluto ♇ Conjunction and Retrograde⁠

On December 11th,  Venus the planet of desire, intimate relationships, love, wealth, self worth and value enters the lair of Pluto, the lord of the Underworld, the planet of compulsion, obsessions, passions, intensity and transformation. 

Depending on where this alignment touches your chart, this brings Pluto's unearthing, Pluto's depth, Pluto's compulsion, his jealousy, manipulation, control and in its most positive sense his transformative powers to the forefront of your Venusian values, what you seek to attract, the state of your current self worth and how it is reflected in relationships. If it touches a significant point in your chart, it can bring awareness,  discomfort and upheaval, as Pluto's goal is to have you let go of where you are trying desperately to hold on. ⁠During this conjunction we can feel an increase in sexual appetite, a desire to spend and acquire more, money related themes, and self worth issues. 

It is also highly likely and possible to have old loves resurface, be haunted by the unresolved pains of distant relationships and nostalgic memories of how you felt for others. Before making any decisions, try to be present and evaluate the lessons and themes that are currently present and why it may be coming up now. The feelings may leave you when Venus has completed her journey. 

In conclusion Venus' goal in her retrograde dance with Pluto is to transform your understanding of personal value: If we value ourselves more, we expect others to value us in the same manner. ⁠We expect more from ourselves and others. 

Therefore, this particular Venus Rx Underworld transit can be experienced as a self esteem crisis that is triggered by our most intimate relationships. ⁠

EXACT DATES: ( in Capricorn)⁠

DEC 11TH ♀︎ Conjunct ♇ at 25 degrees ⁠
DEC 19TH ♀︎ Stationed Retrograde at 26 degrees ⁠
DEC 25TH ♀︎ Conjunct ♇ at 25 degrees ⁠
JAN 29TH ♀︎Stations Direct at 11 degrees ⁠
MARCH 3RD ♀︎ Conj ♇ at 27 degrees ⁠

Some important Notes:

  1. Every relationship must endure 1- 2 Venus Retrogrades as a stress test to the relationship thats goal is depth and healing past wounds. ⁠The relationships that move through Venus retrograde with grace and accountability gain a deeper love and intimacy.

  2. The last time Venus was in Capricorn was 8 years ago. ⁠So what happened then? What was the measure of your own self worth? How did you relate with others? 

  3. Watch for how we enforce our own values on others, issues of control, addiction and unwillingness to let go. Be aware of how the past influences our current relationships. ⁠

  4. Take a look at where Capricorn falls in your birth chart around the wheel to see the area of life this is affected. Is it below the horizon line and affecting you privately? Is it above the horizon and affecting you more socially and publicly? What house does it reside in? 

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❤️Love ⁠

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