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Upcoming Pisces Solar Eclipse 02/26 - Prepare to Release

21. February 2017

On Sunday, February 26, 2017 we will experience a solar eclipse at 8° of Pisces.  

Pisces is about surrender.I It is an empathic, sensitive and spiritual sign that looks to transcend limitations. Pisces also likes to escape- escape boundaries, escape responsibility, dive into fantasy and illusion.   As this eclipse is conjunct the south node of the moon, the pull towards our old default patterns (causing us to avoid our growth) may feel strong. With the planet of Neptune, the tendency to mistake fantasy for reality, to be lost in our dreams and to feel foggy and confused is very present. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron are currently all in Pisces, creating a strong pull towards this energy.

Eclipses mark beginnings and endings; they can present situations (or people) who abruptly enter or leave our lives.   Every new moon we experience marks the beginning of a new cycle. A solar eclipse is an extra potent new moon- current themes in our lives get highlighted in order to be worked through. New beginnings pair with endings- we need to release the old to welcome the new.   This eclipse in particular is about releasing all that does not serve us in order to begin anew; to plant fresh seeds on our path.   There is potential here to release old karmic patterns, to clear cords that bind us and inhibit our growth, so that we can then set forward on our path with greater clarity and integrity.

Eclipses occur in a series; this is the final eclipse on the Virgo/Pisces axis- the most recent was a Lunar Eclipse on September 1st, 2016 at 9° of Virgo and Pisces.   Think back to the themes that were coming up for you at that time, as there may be similar threads with you now.

At the same time on Sunday, Mars conjuncts Uranus, potentially creating sudden outbursts of anger and aggression. This comes into our awareness to be released. Be mindful if you are feeling called to confront any person or situation. Safely release it (perhaps speak it, write it, or use a physical practice to move it through the body) and let it go. This frees up your energy for more productivity and peace.  

This eclipse is felt most by those whose natal chart it directly affects. Take a look at which house in your chart Pisces rules -that is the area of your life that is most affected by this energy. You can also look for any planets that fall within 3° – 13° of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Planets that are in those places will be triggered by this eclipse, making the energy more personal to that part of you and that area of your life.

You may be feeling confused about your direction, about which steps to take. You may be feeling lost in old wounds, or defaulting to patterns that you know do not serve you. Check in with yourself to ensure you are moving in alignment with your authentic nature, and pay attention to your dreams.   This time is ripe for dreaming about what we want to create, but the steps to get there are not yet clear. Be patient with yourself, and be sure that you are not simply seeing what you want to see before you make a move.

Plant seeds in your dream world, and ask for guidance on which path with serve your highest good. Artistic pursuits are a way to channel this energy and support our dreams. Paint, draw, write, create- even if you don’t know what it is you are creating yet. Clarity will come.

 By Emily Todd. 

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