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The Wiccan Series: The Practice of Connecting and Wiccan Spring Spell

08. April 2018

It is time for life. The sun has broken ground with the Spring Equinox on March 20th, 2018, a celebration Wiccans and pagans call Ostara. With the return of the sun, it continues to warm the Earth, and to invite life. As the Earth warms, the seeds within the Earth, the bulbs, and the roots, spring to life and make their way towards the light. The light calls, becons, and draws towards it life, and life responds with a thirst for the sun, a relationship with the sun that is essential for growth.   

In traditional Wicca, we symbolically associate the sun with the Sun God or the Fertile God, who now leads the way in an active cycle of creativity, procreation and fertility. These active energies are available to us, they live within us and can be surrendered to and applied within your own endeavours. These are yang, outward directing, masculine energies that we all are a apart of. They instinctually seek to move out into the world, towards the light, and become bigger, brighter and bolder. These energies offer us the chance of renewal and growth within our own lives, should we consciously choose to connect with them.

As Wiccans, we find meaningassociation, and correspondences between the Earth's natural rhythms and how we lead our lives. Therefore tending to our plants, in the way we wish our lives to flourish, cleaning the house to make sure stagnant energies are flushed out,  and gifting our unused items to make space for our new intentions, are some ways in which we can connect to the rhythms of this practice and the Earth's natural cycles. We are a part of the rhythms of creation, made from the same material of everything we see around us, and bound to the same laws that govern the Earth and the Universe. 

By creating conscious actions, intentions or spells, we seek to merge our ideas with the fabric of the Universe and the laws by which it creates matter and life. We don't need to have a specific desire, need, or want. The intention of deepening connection to the spring energies is a potent and directive intention in and of itself and allows the natural flow of your life to be in harmony with the Earth's. Find below a Spring House Blessing Spell that can be applied to your specific intentions this season. Happy Spring from our house to Yours!


By Lady Samantha - Coven TCOTM

This spell is designed to aid you in setting the intentions for your home. 
It can be performed on a house or a condo. Some improvisation may be needed. Before performing any spell, clean your house and altar to clear any stagnant energies. The idea is to move out energy so we can create room for new ones to take hold. Next, take care in gathering the items needed for the symbolic associations. 

Best Time for this Spell:
Between a New Moon and Full Moon, ideally close to the 1st quarter waxing moon
On any day except Tuesday or Saturday. 
Upcoming Times Available:
Between New Moon April 15th - Full Moon April 29th
Between New Moon May 15th - Full Moon May 29th

1 clear quartz point or crystal wand
6 citrines points
A green candle - Ideally a prosperity candle that has been timed with the moon
White Sage
Loose Mugwort
Mandrake Root
Cauldron (optional) 
A piece of paper 
An apple or some flowers as an offering

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Take a few mins in meditation in front of altar. Light some sage to clear the space and move into sacred space. Call the directions, elements and your Deities, and perform divination before starting the spell. Ask the Gods or Goddesses if there is anything specific you should need to know about your intentions for spring and default your will to the Gods that the highest will of the Universe be present. Please note, we did not include the vase as it was difficult to photograph. 

  • On the altar, set the green candle in a large clear glass vase for fire safety. Feel free to put a little sand in the large vase, so the candle will not move.
  • Take some mandrake root and place a pinch in the vase so as the wax melts it will move over the roots.
  • Take some mandrake root and mugwort and place and around the vase at 6 points.   
  • Carve into the bottom of the candle a pentagram, making sure you are drawing the pentagram, in a clockwise manner.
  • Place the clear quartz or wand beside the vase.
  • Place the six citrine points around the vase where the mugwort and mandrake root are, forming a hexagram.
  •  Meditate on your intentions and feel the energy of spring surround you and come up from the ground into your pelvis. 
  • After 5-10 mins, write on your piece of paper your name, and your intentions for spring. Sign it and date the paper. 
  • Meditate and imagine your sacred space expanding until it fills your entire house and yard, if applicable. 
  • Place the written intention under the vase.
  • Light the Green Candle  
  • When you feel the sacred space that has surrounded the perimeter of your property, rise up and move clockwise as much as possible around your property holding sacred space and spring energy within you. Imagine the Light of the Green Candle with each step that you take. Move around the perimeter of your property until you have walked its circumference three times. 
  • If you live in a house, walk adoors clockwise, and if you live in a condo or an apartment, walk inside. 
  • Come back to the altar, and close down sacred space, keeping your candle lit. 
  • Once the candle is finished, bury the intention outside on your property or in a potted plant indoors. 
  • Bury the mandrake root that is incased in wax and citrines at 6 places around the perimeter of your property with the points pointing towards the house. If you are inside, place them in corners until after Litha, when they should be collected and brought to a place in nature as an offering. (The wax will need to be broken up.)

Most importantly when completing any spell forget about it completely! Allow it to stew in the Universe and expect nothing.

Blessed Be Magical Friends!  

With Love Lady Samantha
3rd Degree High Priestess in the Norse Tradition of Witchcraft 

Disclaimer: Lady Samantha does not claim any efficacy for your intentions or spell. As a practicing Wiccan, she subscribes to the belief that we cocreate with the Great Mother and are responsible for our own intentions and spells. 

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