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The Wiccan Series: The Dark Night of the Wise Crone Draws us

04. December 2017

By Lady Samantha Coven TCOTM 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Norse Tradition of Witchcraft

The trees are bare, the ground grows cold, the animals that remain fall silent, and the darkening days, are all markers that winter is now upon us.

The chill in the air states clearly its intention of slowing us down, to reflect in our visible breath, the importance of warmth and the light we hold within.

In the Wiccan tradition, we experience the Goddess in her old age as She moves alone, in the archetype of the Crone,... towards Her Death at the Winter Solstice. Barren, aged and tired, she descends into the night, symbolic of the void, the place of death and rebirth where she will rest. This is the Long Night of the Winter Solstice, where Darkness rules the sky.  We drop into ourselves this night, into the void, and into the darkness, and surrender into Her embrace in its wisdom and experience. 

For wiccans that celebrate the movement of the Goddess around the wheel, we honour Her this night in Her cycle as the aged, wise, lady who prepares for rest and rebirth. She gifts us this time of solstice, remembrance and reflection, as the time for awareness around our lessons and actions of the previous year in the hope we may truly shed and release them before the light of life returns. The opportunity this time of year brings with it great power as it acts as a marker on the wheel where things end and simultaneously can begin. It gifts us the time, should we take it, to truly rest and to truly listen to ourselves of the changes that need to occur for the next cycle. 

Be still in these days, listen and watch. Time is precious with the Goddess when she is so wise and ready to impart her knowledge within us. 

Blessed Be to the lady that owns the night. Blessed Be to the Goddess.

Blessed Yuletide to all! May you all be blessed within your Journeys this Scorpio Season of Darkness.

Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha is a 3rd Degree Initiated High Priestess in to the Norse Tradition of Witchcraft. She has been running sabbat rituals within the Open Coven of TCOTM and teaching classes since 2009. 

For upcoming classes, visit here. For upcoming Rituals: visit Open Coven Rituals.

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