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The Rock Store Gratitude Announcement

01. December 2016

Greetings The Rock Store community and fellow crystal friends, we have known for many years that our time would be coming to a close at 602 Markham Street in Ed Mirvish Village. It is with great sadness we confirm we will be closing The Rock Store's doors at this location at the end of January 2017 AND it is with great excitement we announce the opening of our new doors, just minutes away, at our new location, on February 1st, 2017. 

For many of you who have been asking, YES we are Fully Open! ... and it's business as usually until the end of January. We are fully stocked with new stones and holiday product, ready to give treatments and help you connect with new crystal friends.  We are ready for a busy holiday and ready to close out 602 Markham Street with love gratitude and the energy of remembrance. We are deeply in love with this building and want everyone to help us say goodbye. Please help support us and our move by supporting our practitioners with treatments and filling the space with love. 

We want to take some time and honour with love and gratitude, 602 Markham Street, the old painted house that has housed the Mother's crystals, and esoteric literature for over 30 years as a retail store. This house has a heart beat, it has motive, and it is incredibly alive. Since I entered it in 2009 and took over ownership as The Rock Store, I quickly became aware of the governing motors of this house's plan, ...Her plan, ... within this place. Her drive to build a community place of healing, to draw towards it like-minded people that could work together to support the process of others and nourish a connection with the Earth and their own authenticity. 

In the last 10 years, 602 Markham St. as The Rock Store grew into the healing centre it is known for with its wide range of offerings from; Reiki, Spiritual Counselling and Crystal Grids treatments,  Gendai Reiki Classes, Tarot Certification Classes, Goddess Rituals, Crystal Awakenings Classes and Astrology Sessions and Workshops.  We honour this house as a sacred space that has allowed prayer, devotion, healing and creative self exploration. 

As we prepare to move from this space, we ask all those that have loved this old house, received healing within its walls, to pour love and gratitude back in as it gets ready to shut its doors in January. Come by, say hello and join us in these remaining months to honour this building, its time as a house of healing, and place of transformation. 

Looking forward to seeing you all this holiday season! Happy Yule and the time of endings and beginnings. 

With Love and Gratitude, 
Samantha of The Rock Store 

602 Markham Street
Toronto Ontario
416 516 2191

PS. We will be disclosing our new location in a few short weeks.! - stay tuned! eep 

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